In such times of strife, turmoil and extreme challenges I find many people asking what is to be done. Many people write me and tell that my path gives them hope along theirs. They see my struggles and the ongoing attacks against me through energetic and physical methods and look through the viciousness to what exists behind- hope. I continue to do my work, heal and move on. I do not allow the attacks to stop me or steal my hope and the path I have embraced as my purpose for being here at this time on the earth.

People from around the globe write me explaining their admiration for my diligence and dedication to what I do and the path I walk to assist others and purposes far greater than myself. They commend me for continuing even though it places me in the line of direct fire from those I used to work for. Of course I do not do what I do to attract such non-beneficial energies, but sometimes things just go with the territory and that is that. It goes along with choices we all must make in life.

What I find and have told many people is that many people have extreme adversity along their sacred paths of this life and as individuals we can only do so much. We can only work our own minds and hearts. The hearts and minds of others are theirs to work with and change if they feel the need. Just because we change our minds about something does not mean that the minds of others and groups will change to fit; especially not short time. This means that all we can do is the best we can to literally live well.

Living well not only greatly assists everything about our self healing paths, but also opposes the attempts of others to drag us down. Living well or striving to live well goes directly against attacks from others and so it is a way of surpassing the energy of attacks. Sure the attacks may get through and they certainly may affect us, but if we are always striving to live well the attacks do not stop us and do not defeat us.

Every thought contains creativity and every living moment is precious. Every act of physical life is sacred and decisions we make direct the force of our lives. Understanding this and accepting this in our conscious awareness; striving for this attainment is an act of living well no matter what others throw at you.

We must never forget to honor those who strive to live well and make accomplishments that benefit the balances of life. There must be energy exchange. To honor those who do this and strive for this is making sure not to negate the efforts put forward by those people. Showing our approval means we have not lost our expression of gratitude for all we have, including the acts of others striving to live well. Do the best you can and do not forget to share the energy of generosity, caring, encouragement, praise and heartfelt thankfulness.


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