Lyme Disease – some facts

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Borrelia – a little bacteria that is on the rise on every continent on the planet. It can be found in insects, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, birds and yes that means humans too. From swamp to forest, prairie to tundra, desert to mountain it can be found thriving in its various stages of life. Commonly it is called Lyme Disease. Borrelia is just the name for the broad scope of bacteria that fall into that family. As of 2015 there were at least 20 identified species of borrelia, but the there said to be a large number yet unidentified and the amount of borrelia species grows each and every year.

Lyme Disease is a massive and intensely complex topic of which I am not going to go into as I am no professional on it. As a matter of fact there are very few actual professionals on Lyme Disease that the population can access. In the entire state of Vermont (yes I know it is a small state, but still it is in the Northeast Lyme “hotspot”) there are only two recognized Lyme Disease specialists. Most doctors seem very skittish and overwhelmed when you bring up the disease. My own naturopathic doctor has gone to many Lyme Disease medical conferences around the world and even with their knowledge bank and study they refuse to attempt treatment because of the sheer complexity of it all.

I think part of the reason so many doctors steer clear of diagnosing and treating borrelia infection (Lyme) is two-fold; the first is that the complexity would require them to exert so much of their time and focus studying the ever changing disease that they would have little time for anything else, and two is that many doctors who have gone down the Lyme Disease path have gotten seriously ridiculed by the greater western medical profession. Just start Internet searching these things and you will find plenty of reports.

The fact is that much of the medical profession still does not want to acknowledge the seriousness of this disease and the reality of its rapidly globally spreading patterns. There are so many lies being presented to the public to downplay the disease and its origins. If the medical field as a whole would embrace the dire facts of this creeping epidemic, the reality of its origins would eventually become better known and perhaps the seriousness of the medical field’s lack of knowledge on how to treat it, let alone contain it, would also become a hot topic. The pressure would build immensely upon the medical community and government for greater research and funding to assist in aiding those with the disease and combating its aggressive spread.

Erich Traub was aligned with Nazi style research at the Plum Island Army biological weapons lab on Long Island New York. It is said they were working with some type of bacteria in a way to weaponize it as a biological weapon. Some state that the foundation bacteria that was being used was that of syphilis. Others think there was a core borrelia bacteria that was found and experimented on. Either case, the borrelia species we see today look astonishingly like syphilis bacteria under a microscope, so similar in fact that supposedly only Lyme trained professionals could see the difference. Here is a link to an image showing both side-by-side for reference.

The first cases of Lyme Disease as we know it today were only about ten miles from Plum Island in Lyme Connecticut back in the 70’s. Sort of like the “4 Corners Disease” that mysteriously showed up on the boarders of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah back in the 90’s. Symptoms never seen in such a condensed form showing up in force in a small geographical location… two different “mystery diseases” in two separate decades in two different locations. Those are just two small examples of a great many that we have seen seemingly sprout out of thin air in our lifetime. After the fact and after much time to figure out cover stories and manipulate history records, we as the public were told the mystery disease in Connecticut was Lyme Disease and had always been here on earth. The CDC started putting out very thin and hard to find reports stating the disease has been around forever, they just never had a name for it. And yet nobody could figure out what was happening to those small group of people in that small region all during the same time that had never been seen before on the continent, hence the confusion and media term, “mystery illness”. No matter what anyone feels like believing, when you really put your nose into the research and history, the reports and stories it is not difficult to see that Lyme Disease is yet another many created nightmare that now plagues the world and continues to grow out of control. It has literally be titled the Lyme Wars and for very good reason.

Here are a few FACTS that are not very well published, hard to find and mainstream medically stepped on details of Lyme Disease compiled by experts on the disease. (references listed below)

  • As of 2015 around 20 species of borrelia were identified
  • There are countless other borrelia bacteria yet unnamed
  • Every year the amount of borrelia species increases (right, so why was the human race not completely overrun by this thousands of years ago then if it has always been around??)
  • It can be found existing on every continent
  • It can be found in every state of America
  • Even in deserts it can be carried by lizards for years
  • Lyme bacteria is found in at least 15 kinds of ticks not of the hard body type
  • Lyme bacteria can be found in over 25 species of Ixodes species (hard bodied)
  • Borrelia bacteria (Lyme) can be transmitted by ticks, mosquitoes, biting flies and mites
  • Lyme Disease can be transferred from human to human through body fluids (sound like syphilis)
  • Lyme bacteria can be found in tick and other arthropod feces
  • Borrelia can infect a human from a tick bite in as little as ten minutes
  • Lyme Disease can cause upward of 70 some major heath degrading symptoms
  • The majority of Lyme Disease cases are misdiagnosed by the medical profession
  • Only about 30% of bitten people get the classic telltale bull’s-eye rash
  • Borrelia can travel with a large number of coinfection species of microbes
  • Hard bodies ticks can carry up to 237 genera of microorganisms that can infect vertebrates
  • Though research around the world shows otherwise, the CDC still state that only 300,000 people in America a year get infected with Lyme Disease
  • Experts estimate upward of 800,000 people a year get infected with Lyme Disease in America alone
  • Different ticks spread different borrelia species which can create very different symptoms in people
  • Borrelia, like syphilis are called Stealth Pathogens because they can adapt to and hide from the immune system of the body
  • Lyme bacteria feed primarily on collagen structures o the body
  • Borrelia can penetrate every level of the human body and infect all organs
  • Lyme Disease can be acute – recently contracted, or chronic – existing within for a long time and having penetrated many layers of the bodies systems
  • There is no one treatment that works across the board or from one person to the next
  • Lyme Disease can be healed, but it can take years
  • You can be infected by more than one borrelia carrying insect or arthropod at a time and be reinfected after being bit and infected once
  • Lyme bacteria can mimic almost every disease known to humans
  • Most Lyme Disease tests are inaccurate so infected people can test negative
  • Most Lyme Disease tests are not covered by any medical insurance and they range from $75.00 individual retests to over $1,000 dollars a piece
  • Lyme infections can kill people

The 4 Stages of Lyme according to Traditional Chinese Medicine:

  1. Inflammation – some kind of inflammatory issue when Lyme gets in – bite for instance
  2. Heat-dryness – body heat increases to combat it and dries you out
  3. Damp-heat – body tries to produce more moisture to combat dryness – damp heat and mucus production
  4. Neurological Lyme – foggy head, confusion, shaky energy, memory issues, etc

Why am I talking about this disease? Well because doctors think I might have a chronic form of it, meaning it has been inside and working deeper for a while now and near if not already in stage 4. Of the 70 major symptoms (around 5 directed only to females), so of the 65 major symptoms I have been diagnosed with 50 and many continue to grow worse. One such is fibromyalgia, which may very well be where much of my chronic pain is coming from. I am being sent to one of the only two Lyme Disease specialists in the state. Of those two I can only get in with one since the other has a waiting list all the way through the end of next June, 9 months away! If or how was I infected and when and where, who can say? That is beside the point.

I am only at the very beginning of this potentially very long path, but I have been doing tons of research already and locating the top expert information available. Personally I am still not convinced that I absolutely have it. Hopefully more testing will clear it up. My hopes remain strong that this is just another wild goose chase and I simply have this chance to focus on and study this growing issue.

In case any of you are interested in further reading I suggest the following in order of information quality:


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