Maelstrom Insanity of Humans

February 3rd, 2017 by

I normally do not like to post anything political any more. I have moved away from all that trash and turned the majority of my focus internal in order that I may continue to progress within my own evolutionary process of healing and transforming. I have plenty to work on myself without having to be distracted by the world of continual violence, suffering and insanity.

I have far too many sights/visual memories inside my brain that I have witnessed and never wished to see, but now will continue to see for the rest of my life. Then I look around and see the continued insanity of the masses and shake my head. They are instigating and creating and enacting violence for the simple desire of violence. They seem to have no other purpose beyond their narrow-sightedness, ignorant and downright insane motivations; all the while screaming peace and freedom. The twisted irony of it all is so thick you could choke on it.

You watch what those people will force the government to enact across the country. Their extremist behavior will continue and the government will have no option to strongly intervene. This continual march we see humanity taking is quite pathetic from a judgmental point of view and absolute insanity.

I keep saying – go within the self and seek to heal and evolve from there rather than getting sucking into the mass vortex of sludge the modern world spews from every orifice. Avoid movements and other huge organized groups hell-bent on “making changes” because the changes they try to force harm everyone rather than create overall benefit. All they do is increase the epic amount of suffering in this world without a solid hope or prayer for actual growth change.

At Element Mountain we simply do our best to lend a hand to individuals trying to navigate themselves in healthy beneficial ways. In that process we do our best to steer clear of the global chaos distracting the masses and focus on simplicity when possible. Personally I see it as the only way forward rather than running the circle gauntlet of the insane.

Here are two short articles showing the insanity:

How do those actions help anyone???

Here is a good analysis of the Berkley events:


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