Managing CPTSD with Food

August 1st, 2016 by

It was a while back when I published the short e-book on PTSD-CPTSD. In that book I had mentioned all the various ways I have learned how to work with and manage the symptoms typically and not typically associated with CPTSD-PTSD. Since that publication I have received many emails and even phone calls from folk saying how much the advice has assisted them in their own experiences dealing with PTSD-CPTSD. Well, many of you who know me understand that I do not stop pursuing more productive ways to deal with, resolve and or transform areas of my life that I am not satisfied with and feel I can in some way shift.

Prior to mid spring of this year my average time trying to deal with and manage CPTSD symptoms was about 70% I would say. The approximate percent of intensity of those symptoms ranged between about 60-90 on a scale from 0-100. Today, since mid spring of this year, the time I seem to work to manage CPTSD symptoms has decreased to around 20%, down from 70%. The intensity average of the symptoms today is down from 60-90 to perhaps between 10-30. That is quite the decrease and improvement if I do say so myself! So the remaining question is, what have I figured out or done differently to assist these numbers in dropping.


Those of you who read my more recent articles called Thyroid Challenges, Chelating Lead and Immune Suppressing Fat know that I have been once again working with dietary discoveries and changes. Since biochemistry is still one of the most up and coming science fields because we know very little of the complex workings of organic matter and thus the human body, food intake and supplementation remains an ever fluctuating and challenging process. Nobody truly understands the absolute best foods and supplements’ to consume. As it began it remains, a path of trial and error in a chemical world that is forever shifting, never remaining the same.

I think my article on Thyroid Challenges depicts my major dietary shifts clear enough for the basic understanding for this short article. Low levels of animal muscle, no polyunsaturated fats, everything organic and non-GMO, an increase in gelatin and marrow, good saturated fats, natural sugars such as from fruits and raw honey and like starches (no grains though) always combined with fat and protein so they do not whack out blood sugar, no soy products or anything processed, an increase in good quality salt, a focus on shellfish and organ meats and things of this nature.

Since shifting to this style of eating I have noticed a dramatic drop in extreme mood swings and CPTSD symptoms. What does arise seems so much easier to manage and transform. I notice I can remain in my center so much more solidly and typically manage my physical energy more effectively.  I would have to say at this point the shift in diet has been the biggest and most potent form of successful management for CPTSD symptoms. And I was not eating garbage before, just the wrong kinds of “good foods” and the wrong combinations that were based upon so much disinformation about foods and the body.

Now I still do have the foods completely refined to my body’s needs at this point, but with the shifts I have thus far made I certainly have noticed some potent improvements on emotional and mental levels and so will continue to see if physical improvements will follow. The physical after all is much slower because of its density than the mental and emotional states, so I do my best to exercise patience… and those of you who know me will understand that is a task in itself!

Sure I could go on and write some fanciness for all of this, but since most of you have read quite a bit of my writings I think you can fill that in for yourself and make the personal connections well enough on your own.

Main point – dietary intake shifts (even if we think we are eating healthy) can make huge changes in the perception of both mind and emotion which could lead to improvements within the physical body down the line. Pretty obvious, but until we make the time, develop the patience, do the research, listen to our body closely, experiment, and under it all, question what we are doing and why, we may never experience such shifts in our physical realities.


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