Manetuwak part 1

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In this short series I will be speaking about the energy of what Meechgalanne called the Manetuwak. I will attempt to keep it to the point, simple for the sake of general understanding, but at the same time include as many pertinent details as I can. I am sure that through your questions more will be revealed through my return comments.

Since this is a short series, and due to the nature of the topic, I am sure there will be questions. Please keep in mind that more articles on the topic will be coming and so I will not answer question of which answers will be presented in following articles. If the questions pertain directly to the immediate article I will do my best to answer what I can.

I also ask that you keep in mind this is not an attempt to “tell you the way it is”, or try to get you to believe any of it. This is for informational purposes only.

What is the Manetuwak? Well it is energy of course. More specifically the Manetuwak is an individual’s absolute complete energy, the highest state of their being in the totality of existence. Every life-form in every universe on every level of existence has a Manetuwak. The Manetuwak is not alone and not even complete unto itself. It exists within a grouping of similarly resonating Manetuwak’s. A group could possess countless individual Manetuwak’s.

Each Manetuwak group is an expression of the source of life, the Creator… whatever you wish to call it. A single group is a single state of expression that contains countless more refined levels of that expression, individual Manetuwak’s. All of this exists in the non-physical level of existence, the “reality” of who we truly are.

Within each Manetuwak are countless levels of energy, like cells in your body. Every “cell” contains a unique energy signature and all those “cells” together make-up a single Manetuwak. You are one of those “cells”. You are existing inside your Manetuwak right now. It is the highest state of your eternal being, the most complete state of Self. It is your home and you are in your home right now. What you see all around you is a dream and nothing more. It is not “real” in the context of who you truly are.

Right now you are simply a character in a dream play, a creation of your highest state of being within your Manetuwak. Physical reality as we call it is the stage upon which we play in this dream, this illusion. But more about that in another article in this series.

Since every Manetuwak is resonating at a unique vibrational field, it goes to reason that there are certain things that are capable within that Manetuwak and certain things not able to manifest or exist. After all, each Manetuwak is contained with a huge group of other Manetuwak’s within the Creator. The Manetuwak or group of Manetuwak’s is not the Creator, but part of it. Each Manetuwak group is in itself a compartmentalization of the Creator energy and therefore each individual Manetuwak is yet another level of compartmentalization. Each and every “cell” within each individual Manetuwak is another level of compartmentalization of the Creator energy.

We can generally look at it like this as well. You have the Writer who writes a play. Then you have the Producer who takes what the Writer wrote and lays it out in a format that can be both expanded upon and compartmentalized at the same time. The expansion state comes into action when individual scenes are focused on, expanded and delved into, seeking specific details contained within to try creating more. The compartmentalization comes into action through each scene of the book being singled out as individual and isolated segments to be developed as its own standing unit. Then we have the Director who tells people under them what to do. Beyond that we have the actors and actresses in the play who perform limited parts.

We can also generally look at it like this as well. We have a person who thinks of a board game. Then we have the game maker who makes the game itself and all the parts. Then we have the players, people who want to play the game. Each player does not go into the game obviously. Instead they chose a character or piece to play as in the game. During the game they pretend to be that character or piece, abiding by the rules and limitations of the game.

In essence it can be looked at personally as:

  1. The Creator Energy
  2. The Manetuwak
  3. You in your Completeness
  4. You as your illusionary character

To define the word Manetuwak:

The Lenape Native Americans, Meechgalanne’s people, all life possessed a spirit or life spirit and thus was “alive” here in the physical dream. But since physical life was seen to be a dream the life spirit energy was really just a hologram type of energy from something much higher… that which was dreaming the dream. All living creatures in the physical dream were being animated by this life spirit. The totality of these life spirit energies was known as the Manetuwak. The Manetuwak was created by Kishelemukong, the Creator. Each Manetuwak exists in a cluster containing countless other Manetuwak’s, and there are countless clusters. It was common for the Lenni Lenape to seek council from their individual Manetuwak through prayer, vision, dreams and ceremony. Basically seeking pure guidance from the highest unadulterated Self within the Manetuwak who is dreaming the dream of physical existence.

To be continued in Manetuwak part 2


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