Manetuwak part 2

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It is important to keep in mind that each individual Manetuwak and the grouping of Manetuwak’s is not all knowing. There is a misconception, especially among more new age systems of belief that we are truly unlimited and all knowing beings. If we take everything into context, how can this be? We are a singular part, a cell of our personal Manetuwak. Our individual Manetuwak, no matter how incredibly vast, is but a singular cell within the Manetuwak group it belongs to. The Manetuwak group is but one of countless and truly unimaginable Manetuwak groups and every Manetuwak group are also just individual pieces of the Creator energy.

So how can we be truly unlimited and all knowing? How can our Manetuwak’s be completely all knowing if they are but a singular cell amongst countless others as a projection of the Creator energy? If they resonate at a specific vibrational range, there again, how can they truly know all vibrational ranges and therefore Everything? This does not even take into account our dream state characters of which we are, here in the physical illusion.

Sure we have the ability to open up our limitation field here in this dream to connect directly to the vast knowledge banks of our Manetuwak. Since that knowledge bank is vastly beyond our conscious comprehension, it certainly can seem like our Manetuwak knows everything and is therefore all knowing. However, taking everything else I just typed up into consideration, it is not too difficult to see how even our vast Manetuwak ‘s have only a section of the eternal knowledge of the Creator energy.

Each Manetuwak resonates at a specific vibration and that means everything within the Manetuwak must also vibrate within that vibrational field, sections of that total vibration. Each living creature and each physical object vibrates are unique frequencies. Each of those things belongs to a Manetuwak and therefore they will be resonating in a vibration range unique to their individual Manetuwak.

Now this may at first seem rather basic and limiting, but if you try to take in the mere idea of the eternal nature of seemingly endless amounts of Manetuwak’s, you might start to understand the vastness of frequency beyond our wildest imaginations. What we might think of as a truly extreme opposites of energy here within our understanding capacity, could very easily be a single drop of water in all the oceans of the world in terms of All frequencies in the totality of the Creator energy. It would be redundant to have the same frequency range within every Manetuwak group. There would be no uniqueness and a waste of the Creator energy. But it is the ego that wishes to think and believe otherwise, believe that we know far more than we actually do. That of course comes down to all the information I wrote about in my Fear articles.

We only have access to the information that our Manetuwak contains. It is the only information we have ever needed or will ever need. You might be inclined to ask than how can we know of Manetuwak groups and the vast Creator energy. Just as every cell in our body contains DNA, and all our DNA is a library of life that our DNA has come through and formed from, so our Manetuwak’s contain such primal energy information of things far more vast than itself. But again, for a primitive example, DNA is formed in physical life and therefore contains information concerning physical life. The information has its limits. That primal energy of which makes up Manetuwak’s could certainly allow it to tap into things much more vast than itself, but with certain limitations, limitations that are bound to only the energy it is made up of, which to our physical dream state is truly and eternally vast!

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