Manetuwak part 3

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Energy in its purest form is non-physical, ethereal, existing outside physical reality, but still interacting with physical reality through the physical dream. The Manetuwak is pure energy, non-physical, as are we in our purest state of Self. The physical “reality” is just the illusion of dense existence, but dense existence that is filled with so many physical limitations does not really exist and is only a dream. Does that make the dream not “real” or not matter? This is a big and well presented question when we speak of physical reality being a dream.

The way I see it, everything seemingly expanded from the Creator energy is a dream. Nothing exists outside the Creator energy, the source of life, existence itself. How could it? The very idea that anything could exist outside the Creator energy leads to a dream, an illusion of external projection. Creator energy is complete, all knowing, everything. Meechgalanne’s people had a name for the Creator energy and a separate name for the consciousness of the Creator energy. Kishelemekong and Kitanutowet.

The Creator energy is where everything is, What everything is. The consciousness of the Creator energy is where everything is taking place, but in the greatest dream of all, the original dream. In the original dream expands the Creator energy and sections off into vibrational units, Manetuwak groups. The expanded consciousness into the original dream sections into those Manetuwak groups. From there the illusionary expansion continues to refine focus into smaller and smaller dream segments, individual Manetuwaks and all dreams of existence beyond and through them. Physical reality is the furthest and densest dream within the original dream. It is also the smallest in ratio of all the dreaming.

Subatomic particles are the smallest possible section of the physical dream, and once we probe through them we see the window back into the non-physical place of existence within the original dream. One big circle. The further the dream appears to expand, the further away our consciousness appears to be to the Creator energy and the more limitations we have. This is why here in this very dense level of the original dream there are many, many limitations as to what can and cannot exist here in this level.

The more we believe this physical dream is “It”, the more limitations we have and the less access to our highest level of Self in our Manetuwak we have available to us. This level of the dream is very emotional. The earth is a highly emotional place. But as I have said before, emotions are not us; they are just tools we can use to experience this dream more fully. The more we seek to gain control of our emotional states, the less perceived control this physical illusion has over us. Since we are fully in our Manetuwak we do not feel pain, we do not suffer, we are not ruled by emotions. However, our characters here in this physical dream, that which you see in your mirror on the wall, are greatly influenced by emotion and physical sensations. It is part of this play, this game. But if we come to understand this and gain control of the emotional aspect of the self and also the ego aspect of the physical self, the more freedom we feel and the less the troubles of the physical world move us.

The more freedom we feel inside the more access we have to the energy of the Manetuwak and the wisdom of the highest aspect of the Self. Though it is true that our physical bodies are part of the physical illusion and thus have limitations, the mind has far fewer and is able to gain a sense of freedom even if the body is enslaved by the hardships of physical life.

So why are we dreaming ourselves as characters in a physical dream from within our Manetuwak? My take on it is the same reason the Creator energy consciousness is dreaming, to explore and challenge the self through illusionary limitations. But who can truly say? It is far too vast a topic for anyone in my opinion to know for sure. All I know for sure about that which exists beyond the physical dream and my highest self state is that I do not know for sure.

What I have come to the idea and understand of is that the physical dream state is a place to explore, challenge and “play”. The Self in the Manetuwak is vast, far more so than our physical perception. Any challenge we face here, no matter how monolithic it may seem, is nothing to our Self in the Manetuwak. However, what fun would it be to try playing a game or embarking upon a play if there was no challenge and anything that could possibly arise could be instantly figured out or resolved? This is a grand play we have all chosen to be part of, be characters in with the ideas of limits, fear, judgment, prejudice, suffering, loss and gain. It is not but a dream.

The more the Manetuwak dreams and creates plays, the more it discovers its reality. It is similar I supposed to us exploring our cells, or perhaps dreaming about segments of our energy in situations that may or may never take place in our physical lives. For our physical selves it is a way for us to explore our emotions. Nevertheless less, since all of this is merely a part of the original dream of the Creator energy, there is not “ultimate” judgment, wicked or blessed or any such prejudice outside of the physical dream. Everything is neutral energy, fully accepted as part of the whole. But to explore the idea of otherwise, there are illusionary plays. Why, well perhaps to see what happens when neutrality and balance are lost and prejudice rules. But again, who can really say?

What is clear is that we are here and therefore we must play the game in whatever fashion we so choose. We can also choose to explore this facet of the Self through its limitations to understand we can surpass the illusion with our minds and tap into the source of this game, our purest self inside our Manetuwak.

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