Manetuwak part 4

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The virtual dream game. I have thought about the Manetuwak and Manetuwak groups for years and came to a little way of looking at it all that makes it all a little easier to picture or place in reference for my own view. To me it has always made sense that the non-physical existence is a far more vast and “unlimited” place in reality, but if everything is within the Creator energy then everything seemingly outside or expanded from must be a dream, an illusion. Like I mentioned in the last article, in my mind I see various consecutive levels of dreaming happening within the Creator energy. The closest to the Creator energy is the purest and most truthful dream, the Original Dream”. I feel this could very well be the Manetuwak groups of which all “life” in both non-physical and physical planes exists.

The Manetuwak groups then contain all knowledge, all energy and the highest level structure of the Creator energy in the process of the Creator energies self exploration. It makes sense to me that out of the Manetuwak groups come smaller more condensed groups of closer vibration Manetuwaks. Those smaller groups would contain more specific energy and information rather than the great expanse of it all. This could help in a more productive process of refined exploration. Next in line would come individual Manetuwaks. These individual Manetuwaks then contain countless life energies. Through these individual life energies there are countless life-form possibilities in the Great Game or Physical Dream.

Since each individual Manetuwak is quite vast and contains so much life energy and information, part of the self exploration and expression process of this energy is through virtual creativity and “day dreaming”. What better form of self expression and exploration than creating and performing in plays, dances and games? But in order for plays, dances and games to work, they must have rules and structure that contains limits. You cannot have all the players able to do everything and give them no boundaries or it would be absolute chaos on stage or the playing board. Therefore every character and even each section of the playing board or scene of the play needs to be structured in a way where illusionary limitations and rules seem real. This will keep the characters and the environments not only in some kind of order, but also contained with challenges that force them to grow and rely upon interaction. If every player knew and could do everything, why would they need to interact at all?

Even though Manetuwaks can communicate directly with one another, they can also communicate with one another through the physical dream, which adds various dynamics of creative expression that I can only guess would be more refined and “fun” through the illusionary limitations of the dense level dream itself.

It is also my understanding that not all Manetuwaks are participating in the physical dream and that there are other level dreams being virtually created by Manetuwaks that we in this limited character cannot even fathom. But those that are participating in the physical dream play can be playing with countless characters at the same time in the same physical dream environment and time(different people, animals and other life-forms on the earth in the year 2015 for example), as well as other physical dream environments and times (other planets or universes at various times).

Another interesting point is that it is my impression a Manetuwak can carry character energy over from one “lifeline” to another for a “continuing game” containing the same character energy. Thus a set of challenges for a character in one lifeline can appear to be very similar in another; just as a set of “gifts” or skills can carry from one “life” to another.

Since we are within and a direct part of our own Manetuwak, we are the ones, the “consciousness” that is actually creating “us” here, the players in the dream, as well as the virtual limitations which challenge us to seek “other methods” that show us we are far more that we are here and that this is just a dream we are playing in. We are exploring a dream world for fun, growth, understanding, challenge and exploration. Our dream point of origin… our self in our Manetuwak.

I think I will cut it there for now and open the Den for any comments or discussions that you all wish to bring about at this time. 🙂

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