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I have spoken about the Manetuwak as being lesser dreams of the Original Dream. The Original Dream being of course the dream of the All, the Creator, whatever your name for it may be. The Original Dream dreams lesser dreams in the pursuit of more meticulous dreaming within self expression. The Manetuwak groups are the lesser dreams. Beyond this we have the individual Manetuwak’s, lesser dreams of the Manetuwak groups. Going further out from the Original Dream we have the elemental spirit dreamers. These would include the main dreamers of fire, water, earth, air, as well as other elements that make up other worlds of which we do not have here. Next down the list of dreamers come the dreamers of plants, stones, storms, oceans, lakes, rivers and springs and all other spirit dreamers of “nature”. Alien, animal and human dreamers follow right along. This is all a dreaming progression based upon one creating another, one relying upon the previous.

In a very basic list fashion it would look something like this:

• Original Dream
• Manetuwak group dreams
• Manetuwak dreams
• Elemental spirit dreams & their sub-dreams – one creates the other:
• Planet and Star dreams
• Storm spirit dreams
• Stone spirit dreams
• Ocean spirit dreams
• Season spirit dreams
• Spring dreams
• River dreams
• Lake dreams
• etc
• Plant spirit dreams – growing from the above
• All other Nature spirit dreamers
• Alien dreamers – growing out of the element spirits of their worlds
• Animal dreamers – growing out of the element spirits of this world
• Human dreamers – a combination of other life forms created by element spirits
• Organ dreamers
• Cell dreamers
• Etc…

The dreams of these dreamers overlap and so say when the spirit dreamer of the sun dreams chemical reactions that create fire and light, the earth and other planets are touched by the sun spirits dream. Their dreams overlap and thus affect one another.
Sure we could get nit-picky and argue which of the sub-dreams came first, but that really is not the point. The point is that there are many dreamers inside the Original Dream and each dream creates other dreams in patterns. This is how Meechgalanne explained the Manetuwak dream to me.

Everything you see is not actually a “self”, but rather a unique energy expression of the Original Dreamer. I am White Wolf. The focus of self identity has a place and purpose, but can become the sole focus and a trap to smother us and our ability to dream as dreaming was meant to be. Self identity is a necessary expression of the physical ego. Without it we would have no drive to interact with this physical life. The ego drives us to mingle and express our energy and dreams with other energies and dreams. The biggest question is what dream are most people dreaming today?

There are two main dreams of this world, of this expression:

1. Division Dream
2. Holistic Dream

The Holistic Dream is the understanding that there is no real time or division between “self” and anything else. It is the dream were we all understand that we are all simple and complex expressions of the Original Dream and therefore all related, all one. The dream of the natural world, the nature dream is a Holistic Dream. The elements, plants and animals all partake in the Holistic Dream and so the world in their dream alone maintains a balance and supports life. Inside the Holistic Dream open communication and respect exists between life, between plant and animal, fire and water, rock and sky. It is a dream of unity and balance, a dream of trust, understanding, of true spirit and medicine.

The Holistic Dream is within this level of dreaming that experiences and events seemingly outside the box of time and space do actually exist and are actually real. No technology exists in this dream because it is not necessary. Everything is already connected and communicating. However, it is also part of this dream to understand that even though we are all dreamers ourselves, not everything we dream can come to pass in this physical world. The world must be able to support the dream for the dream to manifest, otherwise balance is lost and life cannot be supported. But this can be altered if we remove our conscious focus from the Holistic Dream into the Division Dream.

The Division Dream removes us from the knowing that we are all of the same energy, the same source and are all related. Division Dreaming simplifies everything to a primal emotion realm of fear, aggression, violence and destruction. In this level of dreaming, we as self actualized expressions of total self identity are one side of the dream and on the other side is everything else. There becomes a conscious division between self and everything that is not consciously identified as self. This dream formulation gives rise to isolation and conflict. In this level of dream people feel alone and in competition with everything not identified as self. Fear of unnatural levels is born in this dream. The Division Dream is a war, a hell where all manner of strife and suffering exist.

The human social system that came into being and drove the dream of industrialized nation’s forward self created a foundation to support it. Religions and school systems, politics and economics are all part of this simplistic foundation that conditions humans from childhood into believing in the Division Dream, the dream of isolation and war. The child is taught to lock themselves in the left side logistical brain and seal themselves off from the innate gifts of higher and timeless communications with all life. They are taught to see everyone else as competitors and rivals. Children are forced to see the world as a precarious ladder of which everyone on it wars with one another to try reaching the top. This ladder is the ego ladder where all things material are precious and everything beyond, everything lasting does not exist. Fame, fortune, greed, hate, vanity, manipulation, judgment/prejudice/bias and all of those harmful aspects of the egotistical life exist on that ladder. That ladder becomes the number one focal point in the child’s conditioned mind and becomes more and more rigid as they age into the system, into the Division Dream.

In this level of dreaming reside technology and all its wonders and horrors. Parts of the Division Dream are useful for the way of life most humans have embraced on this current world in this current time. The Division Dream is in-fact an expression like all other levels of dreaming. But this Division level has many more prices to pay as we can clearly see in the continual destruction of this planet.

On a personal note, when I was a child I was part of the Division Dream conditioning. However, the trauma induced by that dream drove me more deeply into the Holistic Dream as an escape. It was there that I found solace. Nevertheless the system wanted me fully engaged in the Division Dream and so they used my connections in the Holistic Dream to lock me into and enhance my abilities and focuses in the Division Dream. The programming was designed to lock Holistic connections onto the ego for higher level uses in the Division Dream. For instance, using the ability to track through time in the Holistic Dream was locked into the conflict aspect of tracking humans for a very ego, war based purpose inside the Division Dream. Using the Holistic Dream ability to see strengths and weaknesses in another life-form was also locked into the very war like aspect of the Division Dream.

This is all part of high level programming, trying to blend the abilities of both levels of dreaming while creating full manipulative control of the Holistic Dream abilities through the Division Dream energy. The price is heavy.

In time the lines were strewn and the psyche was eventually traumatized enough to force it into levels of ptsd dreaming. In that level of triggered dreaming the suffering of the Division Dream surfacely overpowers the understanding and connection of the Holistic Dream, and traumatic hell energy ensues until the conditioned/programmed sheet of the Division Dream trauma degrades.

That all takes place because the ego self identity was traumatized so brutally that the heavy muck energy of the trauma can cloud the ability to at times see past into the Holistic Dream, and understand that we are so much more, that life and existence is so much more than the Division Dream could ever offer.

On the other hand someone absorbed in the Holistic Dream can ask for assistance from higher dreaming level spirits (a plant medicine, an element medicine, a specific Manetuwak) in order to help a person locked in the Division Dream heal and wake back up to the Holistic Dream.

People can bounce back and forth between the two levels of dreaming day-by-day, year-by-year or various times of their life. A great many today get locked into the Division Dream from a very young age and remain there for their entire life.

Just remember that the ego is part of the experience of this life. To try and go through this world with no ego would be like trying to live without eating. The ego is the mind fuel that we use to DO anything in this physical world. Too much fuel floods the engine. Not enough starves it. It requires the proper amount

Hopefully this helps you gain a clear image of the dream ideas mentioned earlier in this Manetuwak series as well as other areas of my work.

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