Manetuwak part 6

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It has been a whole year since I posted the last article in this series! This one is a short one and not nearly as complex. I see it more as a small clarification to the point of “Self” in the last installment, Manetuwak part 5.

This small post addresses what becomes of the “Self” once our body gives up the ghost in this life.

As I have stated we are unique facets of the Manetuwak in each lifeline we incarnate. In this lifeline we have the limitation and gift of perceiving “Self”, which is an illusion. Self only exists in a conscious physical reality as we know it. Once our energy leaves this life it is drawn back to the Manetuwak (which in actuality we never left – we remain forever in it, part of it and it is only an illusion that we are outside it). The idea of “Self” no longer exists outside this conscious state. We are basically a grain of sand in our Manetuwak that is made of countless grains of sand.

However, the philosophy goes on to state that within each of us there is a core facet of pure energy in-which all other energies that make us up congregate around. Looking at it like magnetism can help with the perspective. The core energy contains a unique frequency, a sound and that sound draws in other facets of energy/sound once this core perceives itself outside the Manetuwak. This allows that unique core energy to successfully interact with the “game” or “dream” of physical life.

Some people call that core energy a soul or spirit, light, essence and many other names, but it is all the same.

It is that core energy that “evolves” through lives and the dream of existence. So if there is anything of us that remains, any part of a “self” once the physical body gives up the ghost, it would be that core energy. But that self can only be known on a higher spiritual level rather than from our consciousness which is a compilation of many energies joined together for this lifeline.

As I stated recently in my e-booklet, My Fact Finding Mission following Shadow Scorpion, I do not believe that all the energies we have around us that cover and connect to our core are of our making – “karma”. I feel that some of the energies surrounding us and making up the Self in this life are of our creation, but I also feel that many are simply there as a result of being in this life, from the world itself and every other life-form that swells here to make up this life.

Nonetheless, Self as we see it and consciously perceive it is just a compilation of energies surrounding our core that are shed when we leave here. Like a magnet dragged through soil and covered by magnetic particles; once the magnet looses that physical magnetic field all debris shed instantly. Rather a shallow example, but I think it makes the point clear enough.

That is why within this philosophy the notion of the soul being broken, torn asunder or damaged in anyway is not possible. The core never leaves the core and so within that core it is protected. The core’s projection into and upon this physical reality is a dream and all that appears to befall it here can only damage the shell, the compilation of energies surrounding it.

This is also why all experience is just experience. The soul, spirit, core… it learns from everything it experiences, no matter if the conditioned conscious ego terms something “good” or “bad”. To the core it just is and is therefore supposed to be, and what is always falls into the patterns of the dream the perception of the core is focused on.

Philosophies that are based upon judgment of the core/soul are very different from this philosophy I am speaking of. If the Manetuwak judges the soul then we are doomed because nothing will ever be perfect in the eyes of judgment. The soul will always be directed with bias rather than purity in the pursuit of neutral understanding. And if a higher source of our perceived energy judges itself than we will never not be able to judge ourselves and where there is judgment there is punishment, and that is not total acceptance nor honoring the dream. In this Manetuwak philosophy earth is not a “prison planet” where souls are sent to be punished until they redeem themselves and are allowed into a “higher” state of existence elsewhere. In this philosophy earth is just another sacred place of the dream we happen to find ourselves focused on to continue the process of “Self” discovery.

As I stated in one of my quick news comments: Perhaps existence is trying to understand itself through each of us and every other particle within it. Which would mean that every aspect of each of us is just the way it needs to be for that discovery; thoughts and emotions and possibilities of which most are never expressed or played out orient existence to the discovery of self.

This is taken straight out of the Manetuwak philosophy.


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