Mineral Energy

December 10th, 2015 by

When it comes to the mineral kingdom we find there are 8 basic geometric shapes and energies that make up the mineral varieties around the world. They are the root of the earth, refined states of earth energy. They are literally the foundations we stand upon, live upon and rely upon for the very stability of this place we call home.

As with anything, each specific one is unique unto itself and contains a very specific energy zone. Since each one of us contain minerals as a part of our bodies make up, we also contain their energy, just like the elements, plants and animals. All this is fairly obvious. What I think is not all that obvious is how the energy of those 8 geometric shaped minerals affects each of us.

First we must identify those 8 shapes found in the mineral kingdom:

  1. Amorphous
  2. Orthorhombic
  3. Hexagonal
  4. Triclinic
  5. Trigonal
  6. Cubic
  7. Monoclinic
  8. Tetragonal

Just as each person in this life aligns specifically with an element or two, rarely three, we also align with one or more of the 8 geometric energies of the mineral kingdom. This is not an article telling you which one you align with, but rather a simple outline presenting the geometric energies and what kinds of characteristics and traits align with each.

The following is a list showing each shape and its energies:

  1. Amorphous – potently creative, highly active, quite versatile, positive attitude, spontaneity
  2. Orthorhombic – Strongly committed to everything they do, ingrained in routine, emotionally unstable-moody
  3. Hexagonal – Busy, extreme motivation, straightforward, honest, goal oriented
  4. Triclinic – highly unpredictable and volatile, no solid objectives, always changing, living extremes of highs and lows one day to the next
  5. Trigonal – slow paced, jujitsu mind = least effort for maximum outcome, very simple life and personality
  6. Cubic – Organized, neat, habitual, calm and relaxed, even movement, no major changes, shifts or swings
  7. Monoclinic – bizarre lifestyle and movement, zero balance, always changing
  8. Tetragonal – highly analytic, ordered exterior but secretive interior, façade masters, duel lifestyle, spontaneity and always changing their minds

Here are just a very few of the incredible amounts of minerals in this planet that align with each of the 8 geometric shapes and energies:

  1. Amorphous – hematite, turgite, stibiconite, pitchblende, obsidian, opal and amber
  2. Orthorhombic – topaz, aragonite
  3. Hexagonal – emerald, tourmaline, calcite, beryl, aquamarine
  4. Triclinic – turquoise, rhodonite, labradorite
  5. Trigonal – Tiger eye, amethyst, quartz, citrine, ruby, sapphire
  6. Cubic/Isometric – garnet, diamond, fluorite, pyrite
  7. Monoclinic – malachite, jade, gypsum, orthoclase, kunzite
  8. Tetragonal – apophyllite, zircon, rutile

Ask yourself, what is my life truly like? What am I like in my actions and path through this world? What kinds of minerals and I attracted to? Which ones am I not interested in? Do any repel me? Analyzing the answers to these questions can help you begin to find the mineral alignments you have in this world. Just like animal and plant totems, we also have mineral totems or allies. See what you come up with.


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