Mushroom Neighbors 2

October 2nd, 2016 by

Today I went out for a stroll through the cool dim cloudy day up here in the mountains and found some lovely mushrooms to photograph. I already posted the first mushroom post, but decided the shots I got today were worthy of a second mushroom post 🙂 Rather than detailing the technicalities of the mushrooms like in the first post, I figured I would keep it more simplistic with just the photos and names, along with just a few small details for some of them.

Here at the start of October let me present some more showcase displays of the Vermont Mountains as the weather cools and the tress begin to change from their rich green summer dress to a more vivid and diverse array of hue.

If nothing else the mushroom world can sure dazzle the eye! Of course to actually see a great many of them one needs to slow down and really look carefully because they can hide and blend into their environment quite skillfully. Others stand out like spilled fluorescent paint on rotting dark logs! Though if you do go out and slow down to seek out these small fleeting wonders of nature, they will not disappoint. No matter what variety you may find, they all hold some impressive diversity to reward your efforts in their games of hide-and-seek.

Why not go out and see how many you can find near by?


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