New Dream Catcher

February 26th, 2016 by

Hi Den,

Just a quick pop-in here and then I will be gone again. The time away from the computer and website is very nice and much needed. However, I decided to just throw up a few images of a little project I just finished creating. I got a recent order for a Dream Catcher and so was happy to work the creative side a bit. Yes I do make and sell them per order 😉

This one is made with grapevine I harvested from the forest here, sinew and waxed cording, white tail deer leather, tin, copper, brass, bone, horn, glass, sweetgrass, lava, seeds, elk rawhide and other goodies. 🙂

At the very bottom is a very large and simplistic Catcher I built in the autumn for the yard. It measures 7 feet tall by 5 feet wide and is made from extra tick grapevine.


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