Night Ice of Blue

February 23rd, 2015 by

Hi Everyone,

Here are a few images of some of my ice art in front of my house. I love to work with ice in all its various forms, from my own shaped creations to the utilization of the natural formed chunks and spears found in the winter landscape. I love its illusions, contrasts, hard and soft qualities, frailness and reflections, designs, fogginess and clarity. I find it magical and I love to work with its frigid temperatures in my hands.

To me it is a meditation, a time of deep inner peace of connecting with the raw winter energy and bringing forth that expression in form through winter’s main element- water. In a way it is bring the feelings of winter within me out into the world through shape, contrast, color… art itself, free and unbound by rigid sculptures and “identifiable” forms like buildings and statues, just open expression. I find it an amazing way to bring forward things within that are hard for me to express any other way constructively. Like I stated in my e-book, PTSD, Living with the Beast, a personal story, one way to help work with finding, understanding and expressing deeply rooted traumas is through some form of artistic expression because it does not require left brain wording, just right brain feeling. In winter, this is one way I work with it.

Updated 2/26/15

I will continue to add and play as winter allows. Enjoy 🙂


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