Night Lights Blinding

May 9th, 2016 by

For those of us in those rural areas of the world yet containing a dark night sky, we should feel special to be so blessed with such a unique gift that was once global in nature. Not everyone has this astounding night view. Light pollution is not really a pollution many people think about too much in comparison to other forms of pollution. However, even without as much focus as say air pollution, light pollution also has a huge global audience.

To those conditioned to constant lights glaring at all hours of the night and all times of the year, the darkness at night when they perhaps go on a more nature oriented vacation, can be a bit scary. To others who live in the sanctuary of a truly dark night away from artificial lights, well, we appreciate this depth, power and healing of the absence of blinding night lights that choke out the heavens above and wash the universe away in a flood of endocrine and nervous system disturbances.

As too much noise harms the kidneys and adrenals, too much light harms the energy of the liver, pineal gland, pituitary gland and nerves. Too much night light interferes with natural brain relaxation, the production of serotonin and melatonin. It adds to irritation, aggravation, agitation, lack of focus, lack of concentration and adds to sleep deprivation since the body is made to sleep in darkness to fully rejuvenate. The more light, the more sleep disturbance and the more damage this causes to the overall wellness and health of the entire human system; animals as well. The night is dark naturally for a very good reason, a healthy and necessary reason. But society is bound and determined to stamp out what is naturally good to replace it with artificial things that harm the human, animal and even plant life. Constant night lights around towns and cities are one such damaging habit that deeply disturb the health of people living anywhere near, but also the animals still living wild who require the darkness to thrive.

Here is a map that shows you very well the areas of the globe most polluted by light. This is a really wonderful map actually:

How much light chokes out your night sky? How many lights do you leave on all night that contribute to this form of pollution?


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