Nocturnal Emission – a silent topic

August 18th, 2015 by

For the most part people hear about women’s monthly cycles and how once per month, young and middle aged women lose energy though menstruation. This is common knowledge that is often spoken about openly and is accepted for what it is. For an average of a week once per month the uterus sheds and exits the female body. Along with it energy is also shed as a natural part of the process. How much energy is lost during the process depends upon how light or severe the menstrual process is at the time.

Though this is common knowledge, what I find is not is energy loss in men. For some reason this topic is something hardly ever addressed unless perhaps a male is discussing it with his healthcare professional. Typically even men do not discuss this with other men. Why, well I feel it is all due to the garbage conditioning of the social ego.

What I am speaking of is nocturnal emission. This is something that happens to all males over the age of the time they begin ejaculating. For some it occurs far more often than in others. Now this is not something that has a schedule like menstruation. Women, for the most part, can plan on menstruation once per month. Sure there are woman who are highly irregular and for them it is near impossible to accurately detail the week in-which it will happen. However, for the most part it happens once every 3-6 weeks.

Nocturnal emission has no schedule and very rarely does it have predictable signs. Yes on occasion it does, but not often. Many people seem to think the action is simply what it is and there is really nothing to it… wrong.

There are numerous reasons for nocturnal emission. A few are listed here:

  1. Too long between ejaculations (especially without energy refinement)
  2. Going to bed before fully digested
  3. Not waking up when the bladder is very full (bladder pressure)
  4. Being too hot while sleeping
  5. The genitals getting too hot while sleeping (also when under pressure, mattress, covers, etc)
  6. Heavy dreaming (does not have to be erotic dreams)
  7. A racing mind while sleeping (more intelligent men tend to have nocturnal emission more often)
  8. Weak kidney energy
  9. Weak liver energy
  10. Too much sex/masturbation, etc…
  11. Bladder heat
  12. On the eve of a large low pressure system
  13. Stress
  14. External targeting

Those are a solid few reasons the male body will experience nocturnal emission. If we break those down a bit you will easily be able to see why those are reasons the body will create such an action. The below are in conjunction with the above list.

  1. The male body continually creates sperm and if they are not being ejaculated the body recycles them. However, over time the energy the sperm generate in the body builds and if this energy is not being refined (Sexual Energy – the practical truth course) then the body must vent the excess. The easiest way to do this is through ejaculation. A male can increase physical exercise and stave this ejaculatory act for a time, but if ejaculation is avoided and the sexual energy is not being refined, the body will still require the energy vent. Too much raw sexual energy held inside the body is damaging to the liver, kidneys and prostate. It either needs to be refined or vented.
  2. If a male goes to bed on a full stomach the digestive process builds heat while sleeping. This disturbs the optimal body heat ratio during sleep. This also fatigues the liver and gall bladder, both of which spend your middle of the night sleeping hours rejuvenating. In return for this body stress the male body can ejaculate in response.
  3. Bladder pressure can press upon the prostate and nerves that supply the testes and penis. A full bladder can also create heat. This can cause the male body to ejaculate while asleep.
  4. Again, the body has an optimal heat ratio for the best sleep. If the body gets too hot while sleeping it creates stress in the body. In return the male body attempts to vent some of the excess heat – nocturnal emission is one such way it goes about that.
  5. If the male genitals are too hot while sleeping it can lead to nocturnal emission. Remember the testes are outside the body to reduce heat or the excess heat build-up will kill sperm. So any excess heat around the testes while sleeping can bring about emission. Just as is the clitoris and vaginal walls of the female, the penis and testes are highly sensitive to pressure. Therefore if there is too much heat and pressure on the genitals, nocturnal emission can occur. (orgasm during sleep in females also can occur under such circumstances)
  6. When the mind is working hard during sleep it can create nocturnal emission in males. Males can have nocturnal emission happen when dreaming heavily, even if the dream is in no way of the erotic nature. Just excess dreaming alone is enough to stimulate ejaculation. I am not yet sure why this is, but it is a scientifically proven fact.
  7. Just like number 6, more dreams can lead to emission. Typically the more intelligent a male is, the more he will dream in complexity and excess and the more likely he is to experience nocturnal emission than males who do not have such mental activities.
  8. The kidneys are the seat of the sexual energy and the water energy of the body, both male and female. If the kidneys are weak then they cannot properly hold the deep Yin/feminine fluids of the body and leaking of those fluids can occur. In men (yes semen is a yin/feminine oriented fluid) this means nocturnal emission. Being sick, getting sick, exhausting the deep feminine energy of the body, too much sex, too much fear, etc, etc… anything that weakens kidney energy.
  9. The liver controls ejaculation. The liver channel and side channel both run through the groin region. One way to move liver energy is through orgasm and ejaculation. If the liver is weak it can disturb the energy running through the groin and create nocturnal emission. If the liver is congested and hot it can create nocturnal emission. Therefore drinking alcohol prior to bed, eating prior to bed, not exercising enough… anything that disturbs the liver can cause nocturnal emission to happen.
  10. Like I have stated many times before, too much sex and or masturbation weakens the system, kidneys and creates a hollowness inside that causes all kinds of organ complications and degradation.
  11. Bladder heat creates an imbalance in the nerves running to the prostate, testes and penis and can thus create nocturnal emission.
  12. When large storm fronts are moving in it can disturb the body’s natural barometer and this in-turn imbalances the water systems and endocrine system most heavily. This disturbance can cause the male body to ejaculate during sleep.
  13. Stress of any kind disturbs the hormones of the body which creates imbalance in all organs and many times the body cannot hold on, so in males this means ejaculatory release during sleep.
  14. Yes external targeting can be a factor in some people. No matter is by way of satellite, astral energy or whatever; external interference can create or cause nocturnal emission.

The body is a highly refined and tuned “machine”, life force and a great many things can create disturbance. These disturbances stress the body and the body reacts in return. In males one such reaction is nocturnal emission. Now many people, especially females, may say, “so what”. I mean really, what is the big deal? Well the big deal is that every time the male body ejaculates it loses energy, a lot of energy. This is the very essence of the male vitality. The more ejaculation, the more energy is lost. Yes the body rebuilds, BUT the older a male gets or the worse health he has turns simple ejaculation into a nightmare. A male who is low on energy can experience nocturnal emission one night and wake up in the morning absolutely wasted. A male who is sick and has the unfortunate event of nocturnal emission can be set back a week or more in his healing progress. When I was poisoned my doctors said that if my body ejaculated during those first few months it would literally kill me.

The snare in this body process is the weaker the body, the harder it is for the kidneys to hold the vital energy inside and thus the more vitality is lost through nocturnal emission. Yes it can also lead to Spermatorrhea where small or large amounts of semen leak out during waking hours and while asleep as well. Nocturnal emission can be something very normal and natural that occurs once in a while with no ill effects, but it can also be a problem. If it happens too often with a strong drop in overall energy the morning after it can be a sign that something inside needs addressing. Nocturnal emission too often can cause:

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Lassitude
  • Impotence
  • Low back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Depression
  • Fear (connected to kidney energy)
  • and, in its advanced stages, insanity and death

So you can see that nocturnal emission is not just a weird little thing that happens to some males from time to time. It is a very telling function of the body in its communication of things happening inside, from a beneficial vent of excess energy to a sign of serious internal issues undermining the health of the person. Yes indeed, females have to work with and experience menstruation for many years of their lives, but males also have something that they deal with, some far more than others, that can dramatically affect the quality of their lives.

There you have it, a little known or spoken about topic brought to you for your greatened awareness. Male or female, most people can benefit from studying the body functions of either sex.


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