October Detox #10

October 17th, 2015 by

Ten years, ten amazing and long years it has been since I was poisoned and nearly died. Ten years this very month. Never did I think or would I have thought that ten years later, a full decade, my body would still contain some of that poison. Never did I figure my body would still have to deal with aftereffects from the toxins. As usual, my body continues to teach my and show me how little I know about it!

Three weeks ago I started feeling odd and having strange symptoms that seemingly came out of nowhere. These were very real and physical symptoms of which could easily be seen on my body. I passed it off thinking it was some environmental cause and I had gotten into something and was having a reaction. I treated the symptoms accordingly, but as time progressed the treatments seemed to do nothing and the symptoms simply got worse. Up until that point it was only skin issues and I felt nothing else.

About a week after noticing and beginning treatment for the skin my spleen and liver began to ache. Well that was a sure sign the issue was something deeper than surface value. So I sat with it and listened. My spleen was staring to act up and display signs of weakness and struggle. The liver seemed to be trying to move and felt quite heavy all of the sudden. Days before I felt just fine, but in a very short time both my spleen and liver were struggling and my skin was breaking out.

Interestingly I felt otherwise fine. I certainly did not feel ill or in any way immune compromised other than the spleen and liver ache. Another week went by and not only was the skin issues getting worse and the spleen and liver aches remained, but I started feeling heavy, sluggish, groggy and moody. CPTSD symptoms began rising after months and months of being “dormant”. Paula started having to wake me up at night, sometimes two or three times from night terrors or sleep paralysis. Again, those things had also taken a back seat for months and my nights were slowly turning peaceful. But back again they came and with a vengeance.

Consulting a professional who knew something about toxins, poisons and heavy metals I learned something quite fascinating. Two winters ago I was tested for the full panel of heavy metals. The tests came out clean. I was quite pleased. Well, I learned that most heavy metal test results lie through complete inaccuracy. Many metals do not even show up on the tests and others hide in the body and so also do not show up on test results. I was told that certain heavy metals, like the ones I was poisoned with, get delivered to the intestines over time. There they get encased in the bodies defense fluids, mucus and remain suspended in time.

You see poison in the body forces the body to create mucus, which the body uses to protect itself by encapsulating the toxins and storing them in various areas of the body, like the intestines and around organs. Over time, many times decades, when the body feels it is strong enough, it begins to communicate through symptoms that it is ready for a deep detox to try dredging some of the ancient poisons and flushing them out. Of course this needs to be done methodically and slowly because those poisons are very violent and detoxing them too quickly can create severe damage to the body. I was told there is about 20% of the poison remaining locked away in my body to detox from. Oh joy.

The annoying thing with my body is that the detox process needs to be excruciatingly slow. Over the years of periodic detoxing I have tried to speed it up just a little and every time it has been a disaster and threw my body into crash mode. Paula does detoxing with three times the amount of herbs and supplements I use and experiences hardly anything. At my very low level of intake my body runs through the gauntlet trying to detox. That is where I am at now… always so much fun.

The main things I do for detoxing my body from the poison (that my body seems to have once again decided to try releasing some more of it):

  • Caprylic Acid twice per day – heavy metal flushing
  • Probiotic twice per day – support/boost intestinal flora
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract – 750 mg split to 375 mg twice per day (kill whatever is released into the body during detox – especially Candida oriented buggers)
  • Oregano Oil – twice per day (kill whatever is released into the body during detox – especially Candida oriented buggers)
  • EPA-DHA – helps with heavy metal detox & protects the brain during
  • Liquid Chlorophyll – helps to detox from heavy metals and radioactive isotopes
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin C
  • B-Complex
  • Zinc
  • Psyillum Seed Husk – helps to scour the intestines and remove toxins
  • Calcium Bentonite Clay – binds with heavy metals and helps to flush them out of the body
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Sea Salt baths
  • Burdock Tea – helps clean blood and liver
  • Dandelion Tea – helps support and clean kidneys
  • Wild Gynostemma Tea – helps to detox liver, support the immune system, reduce inflammation…
  • Drink lots of filtered water
  • Avoid sugars, caffeine, alcohols, refined foods and all that other garbage people think is food
  • Rest – the body needs a lot more of it for detoxing

Of course when you take the clay you need to take it away from everything else by many hours because it binds to metals. If I took the clay when I took the chlorophyll it would bind to the copper content in the chlorophyll and neutralize both the clay and chlorophyll. The oregano, grapefruit seed extract, caprylic acid and probiotc need to be taken away from food, but the probiotic needs to be taken after food while the others need to be taken at least 30 minutes prior to food. If you are going to take sea alt bath to draw out toxins you should take the infrared sauna prior because it kills toxins first. This is all very complex. One cannot just take everything at once and expect it to do anything.

Those are the basics and so far so good. The skin inflammation is finally decreasing and healing up, but of course there is the low grade headaches from detox, heavy deep moods (CPTSD symptoms), fatigue, cramps, sluggishness, stressful nights (memories of past horrors surfacing in my sleep and sleep paralysis mainly), aches and pains from old injuries that were given minimal time to heal just enough for my body to continue on but not to fully heal, and all that other good stuff that goes along with detox. And all of that is from taking the minimal detox supplements. I tried increasing them just the slightest bit, just the tiniest amount and the next day felt the symptoms skyrocketing! So I backed off again and will remain on the sloooowww road.

Every time I think I know my body and understand its ways, it proves me wrong and shows me just how little I actually know about it! One of these years it would be lovely to experience a stress free, issue free October! Every October has had some major issue arise on a physical level since the poisoning of 2005 and every year I tell myself this is the last year for it… and then my body says otherwise. It has its own cycle movement it must run that exists on a larger and slower plan than my brain would like. Since October was the time it began, October seems to be the time of year my body remembers and uses that energy to continue its healing. All games to play.


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