Off-World Removal of Human Responsibility

August 24th, 2016 by

One thing that I tried to make clear in my newest e-booklet, Illuminating Lies: My Fact Finding Mission Following Shadow Scorpion, is that my views are not of others in the focus of off-world to human manipulation and I am not in agreement with everyone around the globe talking about this as the reality of the earth.

There have been people who have recommend I contact this person or that one, thinking those people could in some way assist me along my healing path. The kinds of people I have been recommended to, in this instance, are the ones who seem to be very much connected to the beliefs of off-world manipulation being the underlying cause of just about everything here on earth and beyond. Though some of those people I do know and respect as people, I do not agree with their beliefs and processes of dealing with earthly problems by redirecting focus and intent off-world.

I think I stated this very clearly over the last few years, but still I get people who seem not to have understood my standpoint and continue to press these ideas as necessary to my healing path. Some people seem to enjoy trying to put words in my mouth. Hard to do since just about everything I state concerning such things is public. Nevertheless, I am very much about the approach of humans messing with humans and there is always a human organization behind cults, black ops projects and so on. Trying to point a view off-world to me kind of removes human responsibility and makes a deeper and practical healing path very obscure and filled with unnecessary pitfalls and distractions.

Healing is hard enough when we are focused, grounded and centered here. To remove focus from the earth and this physical place of which we were all born into, and interwoven with on a cellular level, undermines our true power and intent to change and manifest here, now. In my own opinion and nothing more, I feel the whole off-world ideas of alien species and master races manipulating the entire planet and every soul upon it is nothing more than a control mechanism placed by humans working to weaken other humans through severe distraction. Yes I do believe other species exist in the universe – absolutely, but I do not believe they are here messing with the human population, hijacking souls, mind controlling people and causing global misery for everyone.

In my opinion if we want to look at the species responsible for the global misery, mind control and vast areas of harmful manipulation, we need look no further than human beings. The only way to change the state of this world is to focus on people owning up and claiming responsibility rather than pointing the finger off planet. It is all too easy to point fingers and place blame anywhere but home.

Here is a nice reaffirming quote from a lifelong licensed therapist who has worked with countless trauma cases and has a very open but practical mind, (one who is an acquaintance of mine, not part of my healthcare team)“I so agree that one’s approach to healing needs to empower and encourage self-responsibility.  I agree this is the pitfall of approaches that put the emphasis on off-world or hyperdimensional explanations.” They go on to say they feel  many therapists focusing on  off-world interference are experiencing what a challenge it can be to get clients to get grounded and take the needed responsibility.  “The buck stops with us humans.  That being said – it is daunting work with little available support.  Your being so open about your process is empowering and supporting so many others.”

Everyone can believe as they please and approach their lives and healing as they please. It certainly is not for me to say who needs what, only that through my awareness and from my perspective it clearly shows the sheer weight of massive amounts of distraction away from the self and personal responsibility when the focus is everywhere but here. So yea, believe as you will. All I ask you to ask yourself is how far outside yourself and for how long must you go to find what is within your own core? How complex and for how long must a distraction be before we realize the truth of self is already inside us and the facts of this world and its issues are right here in flesh and blood?


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