Path of Challenges

October 1st, 2015 by

Stemming off the short Manetuwak series, this topic came to mind and I figured it fit rather well as a continuation of both that series and the comment discussion of my last post called Live You.

We all come into this life with purpose, with place and with dreams within a greater dream. This is all a dream, a play that we have chosen to be characters in. This is not to say that everything that happens to us was of our specific choosing. Rather the general layout and pathway we have been walking was our creation. Events specific that have and will continue to take place along the pathway are not written in stone and materialize through a great many avenues; our choices, the choices of others, the choices of the greater game player and fluctuations in the entire physical dream from energy fluxes far too vast for our physical consciousness to grasp. No matter, we play our part in the great dream as best as we are able at any given moment.

In my mind most of us come into this dream for challenge of countless varieties and intensities. Challenge provides an opportunity to discover more about ourselves, life – this dream and even greater aspects beyond the physical and into the original dream (see Manetuwak part 3). Challenge moves us, keeps us from stagnation, keeps us motivated, and keeps us seeking and searching for diversity through ingenuity. It allows us the chance to truly “live” to our fullest in this dream. Without challenge most people I think would do little beyond dig a deeper and deeper rut, and remain in the never changing rut unto a life of stagnation, lack of awareness, expansion, accomplishment and discovery. But perhaps some people come to this dream to experience that and so it not wrong or right, it just is.

Some of us chose a life with more intense challenges than others, and again that does not make the path better or worse, just different, without judgment of right or wrong. Those of us who have chosen to live lives filled with extreme challenge need to come to understand and accept the less intense challenges in other people’s lives. And those with lesser intensity challenges along their path need to accept the more intensely challenging pathways of others. There is no right and wrong in it. Everyone is on the path that is best suited for them in this dream play, and it needs to be just as it is.

Once again, because I cannot speak for others I will, for the purpose of this article use my own life as an example. My life has been filled with intense and ongoing tests and challenge. My character has required them because they align with my purposes here in this dream. Though I have not chosen the specifics of all the tests, I am sure I created the general layout that would allow the manifestations of those intense challenges. I came into life with a very aggressive energy, a very strong will and drive and that helped create a physical body that could take a beating and keep on going, perhaps not pain and scar free, but keep on going nonetheless.

Many people in my life or who have viewed my life from afar have commented that I must be nuts or are simply intimidated and even afraid of me because of the life I have thus far led. Of course this is simply because they have not come to terms with acceptance and are still locked in the rut of judgment. Has my life been intense? Yes it has. Has my life been filled with extreme challenges and tests? Yes it has. Have I been tested most brutally on the levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual? Yes I have. Am I still here living, creating, experiencing and moving ever forward? Yes I am. If I was not built for this path I have thus far walked I would have died years and years ago. I would not have survived the intensity of challenges and tests. Because of those intense challenges do I still on some levels struggle today? Sure I do, but it is just my life, I know no other. Even today, 10 years after being poisoned my body is still struggling with residual effects. Some of that poison is still encapsulated in my body, continually challenging the natural balance of my organs and hormones. I still struggle with unexpected and intense detox periods where my body decides it is strong enough again to try moving the next wave of ancient toxins out of my body without the process killing me.

We develop and are made uniquely to be able to face and live through the path of challenges before us. To a point of course because these illusionary physical bodies do not live forever. But we develop in ways that give us the best chance to face our challenges, walk our paths and continue for a lifetime upon this earth. However, if you were to take a person from one path and place them on someone else’s, chances are they would not fair so well. A person with lesser intensity challenges may very well break under the strain of higher intensity challenges because their body is built for the level of their pathway. On the other hand a person used to high intensity challenges may very well stagnate and fall to disease upon a lesser intensity pathway because they developed with the requirement, the physical need for high intensity movement for their body to function best.

So long as we do not judge another we can accept them for who and what they are, as well as the path they walk without the infliction of bias. This can help us continue to learn, grow and experience our lives to the fullest.

People have asked me over the years why I live the way I live, why I enjoy the fight, the intensity of the path I have been walking. They ask why I cannot learn to just sit back, relax and enjoy the ongoing peaceful lifestyle. Even more recently I wrote about my experience kayaking in the storm, alone, out to Knight Island this summer for the Lake Champlain Island Camping event. It was called Viking in a kayak. I could have opted to ride the ferry out with everybody else who came to the event. But I did not choose that. I chose to tempt fate upon the wide open lake in a torrential storm in my little kayak loaded down with three or four day’s worth of gear. Why? How about all those times I engaged in fighting when I could have avoided the fight rings? Why did I choose to fight? And what about all those times I pitted everything I had towards the storm or intensity of the wilderness, alone with my life on the line when I could have waited for calmer weather?

The answer dwells in the very nature and existence of my life, who I am and why I am here. My nature is to test strongly and completely myself, my skills, my gifts and talents in this life. It is to find them, to know them as fully as possible. It is to find were they fit what they can be used for and where their limits reside. It is not just about resourcefulness and confidence. It is about the experiencing the fullness of self, of masculinity and of life. It is about sucking the deepest marrow out of life and tasting the primal rawness of richness it possesses and offers. It is about using all I am, all that I can find in myself to truly and fully live. It is who and what I am. I cannot live another way. Every moment is precious.

That is a very real example for you all concerning my life and thus my path. But this article is not about my path, but yours. It is to prompt you to look at the way you live, the choices you make and the path you walk. It is to invoke self analysis in order that you can see, without bias your own path that you developed from and how you live and why you live the way you do.


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