Pelvic Floor Drain

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My last article addresses vital energy leakage in the male body. This one is dedicated to the same occurring in the female body. Though in the male I spoke of this mainly occurring through ejaculation, either by waking conscious choice or by-way of nocturnal emission, women obviously do not have this physical function, for the most part.

In the female body the main source of vitality loss is through monthly menstruation. If there were an even physical function between male and female as to vital energy being expelled from the body, it would be ejaculation and menstruation. Yes it is true that some female can in-fact ejaculate, this is not all that common and so does not hold level across the board of the female sex in speaking on energy loss.

The pelvic floor is the drain area of the human body. This includes the anus and perineum in female and male, the vagina in females and the penis in males. All four are drains. They all drain various things from the body that require draining for the health of the body. However, if weak, they can drain things that are vital to the health and well-being of the body. It is much like a bathtub. If the drain is working proper, you plug the drain, fill the tub and the tub holds the water. If the drain parts start breaking down, become weak, the pressure of the water pushes right through the drain and slowly leaks out of the tub. In time this issue gets worse and the drain one day will no longer be able to hold any water in the tub. This is basically the pelvic floor and the human body, the drain and the tub.

When the drain parts of a woman are weak, energy leaks out of her body. The energy that leaks out is her vitality, her core vitality. If energy is leaking or leaking too much, her body pays the price. Some of the many high costs are:

  • Fatigue/lethargy
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Difficulty in decision making
  • Incontinence
  • Low or lack of sex drive
  • Sore/tender breasts
  • Organ prolapse
  • Leucorrhoea
  • Frequent urination
  • Dulled vision
  • Weak heart (women have higher heart attack rates than men)
  • Sore lower back
  • Weak knees
  • Water retention
  • Weight gain
  • Tinnitus
  • Abdominal pain
  • Vaginal pain
  • Weak kidneys
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • In worse case scenarios, illness and death

Those are but a few issues that can occur and plague a woman’s life if her body is leaking vital core energy on a regular basis. Of course if she loses energy through menstruation then how can energy loss be on a regular basis? We must understand the two main lower diaphragms first.

The Pelvic Diaphragm is basically a wall of muscle that stretches across the lower torso of the body. For a reference point you can picture it resting between the pubic bone and the coccyx bone. So you can see how low I am talking. The urethra, rectum and vagina exist within this diaphragm. Since the diaphragm is a muscle sector, its purpose is to be strong enough to lend direct support to those three and assist in their overall functions and integrity. Since the Pelvic Diaphragm at the bottom of the abdomen, it is also the foundational flooring for the intestines, bladder, kidneys, liver and stomach. If the Pelvic Diaphragm becomes weak the functions of the urethra, vagina and rectum also weaken, as do all the organs above the diaphragm that set upon it.

The other lower diaphragm is called the Urogenital Diaphragm. This is the true seat diaphragm and is a thin section of muscles that surrounds the perineum. (the point halfway between the vagina and anus or scrotum and anus in males – also called Conception Vessel 1) In females the Urogenital Diaphragm literally connects to the shaft of the clitoris. The urethra moves through this diaphragm as well.

If either or both of those diaphragm muscles become weak, vital core energy will leak out just like a broken drain. Therefore it is essential for health and well-being to keep those two diaphragms strong. If they are strong the tub remains sealed and the energy builds and creates a pressure that pumps the vitality into all sections of the body.

Many women in the modern world are as side-tracked and deluded as men because of social and media conditioning, lies and triggering. The balance of female and male is being lost. I addressed these natures in my article called Balance of Opposites Sexes if you missed it. Females take on the role of sex models and men are lured in their weakness by this energy output and in-turn waste or lose vital energy which brings on illness/disease and early death. Women who take on such roles, or take on a masculine role and work to change their female body into muscle bound monsters, simply burn out their feminine energy, their vitality while increasing the hot masculine energy which degrades them from the inside out. These are just scientific and medical facts. Men are being fed female hormones and females are being conditioned to want to look and act like a male.

Either way you look at it this creates serious imbalances and weaknesses in both sexes.

Even though most women do not escape the monthly menstrual cycles (some have the health, diligence and patience to learn how), they can strengthen the lower diaphragms to help seal the drains and make the energy loss in menstruation far less. Exercises that target the strengthening and building of the lower diaphragm muscles are essential to overall health and well-being. The most basic and effective ones are called Kegel Exercises, duly named after the individual who discovered them, Dr. Kegel in the early 50’s. Removing all the fancy exercises that are seen to surround the Kegel Exercises today, the most fundamental form of them is simply the action of clenching the pelvic floor muscles (contracting them) in sets of repetitions throughout the day, every day. This exercise simply consists of:

  • Sitting comfortably or standing
  • For women make sure to be wearing underwear to prevent energy leakage
  • Breathe in through the nose
  • Focus on the pelvic floor
  • Exhale
  • With normal breathing begin contracting pelvic floor muscles (like you are trying to hold in urine and stop a bowel movement)
  • Contract in sets of around 10 if you can
  • Rest a moment
  • Do another set
  • Build up to where you can do a hundred in 10 consecutive sets
  • Once this can be done with ease, aim to for more and more and more

Another version that can also be done is:

  • Sitting comfortably or standing
  • For women make sure to be wearing underwear to prevent energy leakage
  • Breathe in through the nose
  • Focus on the pelvic floor
  • Exhale
  • With normal breathing begin contracting pelvic floor muscles (like you are trying to hold in urine and stop a bowel movement)
  • Do not clench and release but rather hold the clench as long as possible while breathing
  • Rest a moment
  • Do another set
  • Build up to where you can do a hundred in 10 consecutive sets
  • Once this can be done with ease, aim to for more and more and more

Basically the aim of this is training the pelvic floor to hold rather than soften and let energy slip through.

For women a wonderful practice for also building pelvic floor strength is to specifically train and strengthen the vaginal muscles. The Kegel exercises work to train the diaphragms and overall the vagina and anus, but to really get the energy seal solid, the vaginal muscles must be trained individually as well.

Two main methods for doing this are:

  1. Using a “Kegel exerciser, or stone (Jade) egg on a string – while sitting or standing insert either into the vagina and using the vaginal muscles, squeeze as hard as you can
    1. Then following the above basic protocols continue on (either contract and release for sets or hold as long as possible)
  2. Using a male partner (spouse, boy friend) use the erect penis just as you would the Kegel exerciser or stone egg, except with a live body you also gain the dual energies to circulate and build upon

I think it is funny they name a vaginal muscle exercise tool after a doctor from the 50’s when women various cultures have been using stone eggs and such for hundreds or years for the same purpose.

Make sure when you are doing any of the above exercises to keep the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind the upper front teeth. This connects the feminine energy of the rear of the body with the masculine energy of the front. When you are done be sure to rub your lower abdomen in circular fashion one direction until you can feel it warming up and then rub it the other direction for the same amount of time.

Though males do not have vaginal muscles, obviously, they can use a “prostate tool” that is inserted into the anus to do similar exercises, but to build/strengthen the prostate gland, which weakens from lack of use in many men as they age. With the tool inserted and breathing and focus set, pelvic floor muscle contractions commence in either fashion as listed above. Though as females should be sitting or standing for the exercises, males should be lying on their right side with their left knee drawn up for the prostate exercise. Otherwise with regular Kegal exercises men should be standing just like females or sitting on the edge of a chain so the penis and scrotum are hanging freely.

Just make sure if you are using either a Kegel tool, stone egg or a prostate tool you get them from qualified sources and follow their instructions. If you have any kind of vaginal or prostate disease, consult your medical practitioner before using an exercise tool. For instance, if a male has prostate cancer the use of a tool could force the spread of it through the body. But for a healthy male with a healthy prostate it can work wonders for prostate health, just as a Kegel tool can do wonders for vaginal muscle well-being and even increased female pleasure through her own sexual energy. Here are two sites where you can find the therapeutic Kegel style strength tools:

Why does a vaginal exercise tool come in handy and possibly do more than just plain Kegel exercises? Well the answer is simply because the vagina is not simple. It is not just one muscle, it is many. You have the deep inner muscles, the center muscles and the front of shallow muscles. Each set needs to be worked in order that the vagina as a whole remains strong and in good health. This means there needs to be something for those muscles to be gripping for strength and control.

Think your arm. There are many muscles that make up the arm. You can flex the arm muscles over and over to try keeping them strong and healthy. This will work to a point, but with simple dry flexing you will miss certain muscles and they will not get the energy flow and strengthening results the rest of the muscles are getting. So unless you take the time and have great focus in being able to mentally feel and select each specific muscle group to dry flex, you will miss some. So you can use resistance exercises to target select muscles in order that you work and build all the muscles of the arm evenly. The vaginal muscles are no different. Each section needs to be worked and strengthened and most of the time this requires resistance training. Not only does it give each muscle sector direct and specific resistance to work with, but it also gives your brain and nerves a direct focus link to the exact feeling of those different muscle groups. Therefore a tool or a penis allows the brain to focus on contracting each section of vaginal muscles individually as well as together and in various sequences for control, strength and proper energy flow.

In-short, it is essential for females to specifically strengthen their two lower diaphragms through Kegel exercises as well as specifically strengthen the various vaginal muscles to prevent their core vitality from draining out of their bodies. If they do not, the many muscles and two diaphragms will weaken, vital energy will drain out and a slew of health and well-being issues will arise, of which some have been listed above.

Now we need not forget I mentioned the male parts and female parts for muscle and gland strengthening and health, but I also mentioned the rectum and anus as being part of the Urogenital Diaphragm. These also should not be neglected in health massage. Yes I understand for many people the anus is taboo and completely off limits for anything except defecating. Well guess why so many people end up with health issues later in life surrounding the anus and rectum??? Yea, the neglect goes right along with the health issues. Now I am not talking about sex here, though many people find anal stimulation to be very sexually arousing and others do not, while a great many have never explored. What I am talking about is massage for the purpose of enhanced circulation to the often neglected region.

Almost all health issues that arise in men and women surrounding the anus and rectum come from years of lack of proper circulation to those parts of the body. Massage can reverse this slow downfall of the backside and yes even help you retain some of your dignity later in life. Just like proper massage and exercise of the genitalia and pelvic floor. Oiled massage of the anus and rectum helps bring large amounts of greatly required circulation through those regions, moves out stagnation and assists the body in generating cell damage recovery. It can also help keep bowel movements regular and yes even enhance the strength of the entire pelvic floor muscles. Do you realize how many people end up with hemorrhoids in life? Up to 80% will have symptoms of hemorrhoids in their life! What is the main cause of them? Lack of proper circulation! With gentle massage of the region this can be avoided or drastically reduced. And yes, weak anus muscles will leak vital energy just like the vagina, penis and perineum.

This type of massage, like all pelvic floor region massage and exercise should be done with an empty bladder and preferably after the daily bowel movement. One great place for such a massage in in the shower and prior to one. External massage of the region is easy with the hand and fingers. Internal can also be done with the finger(s), but now they make special therapeutic tools, just like the ones for male prostate massage, for anal and rectum massage. Massage itself for those regions is very beneficial, but working on anal constriction exercises and pelvic floor exercises with a tool inserted (just like the vagina) is that much more powerful in not only building strength, but also generating strong circulation and even energy building. For men, if you are using a prostate massage tool it doubles as an internal rectum strengthener as well. Here is a good link for good quality therapeutic ones for female and male:

Therapeutic Massage Tool

Social conditioning poison tries to force males into using too much of their sexual parts and energy, thereby draining and weakening them. This poisonous conditioning tries to keep women from tapping into their own deeply rich sexual energy and sexual parts on their own and of their own free will for the betterment and increased health and well-being of their own lives. Both do the exact same thing:

  • When the male over uses, he becomes weak, controllable, ill and short lived
  • When the female avoids building her own sexual energy and allows herself to be “used” instead, she also becomes weak, controllable, ill and short lived

My Sexual Energy- the practical truth course goes into great detail about such things. Do not let the lies of the global modern system and a great many religions steal your personal power and undermine your health and well-being by creating fears and garbage taboos in what you think and do about and with your body.

Males, it is your penis, testes, perineum and prostate – their health is in your hands.

Females, it is your vagina, ovaries and perineum – their health is in your hands.


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