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To know one’s animal Medicine is to understand the primal aspect of themselves in order that one can openly express without hesitation, fear, confusion one’s natural ebb and flow of tidal energy. It also assists one in coming to an understanding, or at the very least, an acceptance of others personal Medicines, thereby offering the opportunity to respect and interact with others in conjunction to their unique ebbs and flows.

As I have stated in my prior article called Personal Medicine Power that in today’s ever expanding world of mono-culture and human domestication, the reaching within to grasp and understand one’s personal Medicine is swiftly being lost. Twas not always so. There was a time when the finding of, acceptance and understanding of and utilization of one’s own personal Medicine was strong within social systems on a global scale.

Personal Medicine is unique to each individual and private in a way that can only be known to and by the heart and spirit. The general energy is what is picked up on and in some cases aligned with by others with or without similar Medicines. For example, if someone has strong Medicine of a Raccoon that is mixed with the energy of both Earth and Hawthorn, another person who also aligns with Raccoon Medicine may easily be able to understand the energy and characteristics of the person, more so than say a person who radiates with strong Whale Medicine. However, this does not mean a person with Whale Medicine could not learn to accept the person with Raccoon Medicine and their perhaps seemingly quirky ways. This could be especially so if the person with Whale Medicine was in-touch with their own unique Medicine Power.

In today’s mono-societies and schooling systems, people are kept from their Personal Medicine Powers through fear and the energy of conformity, as I stated in my previous article. This not only keeps them from tapping into their own Personal Medicine, but also keeps them from accepting other people’s Medicine’s who have found and live them from deep within their heart and spirit. It is yet another tactic to keep people distant, confused and fearful of each other. You begin by targeting the weak and undermine their ability to want to find their Personal Medicine. You ingrain fear and conformity into them. The next step is to condition them with prejudice towards others who live in uniqueness. The prejudice builds as fear builds because those who do not conform are seen to threaten the mono-level of existence of those who have fallen to conformity. The sheer number of those who have submitted oppresses those who have not, and in moments of weakness they too begin to fall into the modern human domestication and sterility of modern “culture”.

That, in a single candle flame is the process that has been and is still utilized today.


For those of you who are learning to embrace your own unique Personal Medicine, wonderful! Those of you who may have connected with yours a long time ago and have been living it ever since, wonderful! It truly is a potent way to assist people in learning to accept who and what they are as well as enhance the ability to understand and or accept other people and their ways (if they have tapped their own unique Medicine), and if not then even help people realize the domestication of others, thereby assisting in the personal process of giving the domesticated no power over them.

While it is traditional that one not expose all their Personal Medicine facets to the world, basics are really an open book and can be picked upon on and felt by others who carry their Medicine. For instance: I carry not only Wolf Medicine, but also Grizzly Bear Medicine. The Wolf Medicine is always present, it is truly who I am, and even though it does have its cycles, they are mild and far more even compared to the bear aspect. The Bear Medicine has a more dramatic ebb and flow and much like a bear, is either all there or seemingly not at all. This is the season of the Bear and so that Medicine in me usually rises strongly this time of year just as the Medicine of Bears fills the wilderness with potency in autumn as they aggressively prepare for their long winters sleep.

I can get rather moody and much more aggressive this time of year than other times of the year. I prefer quiet and solitude, very little interaction with people outside my home den (not speaking of this den in the website, but my real home den). During autumn I understand I can become, well, rather “Bearish” in that I do what I do and I suffer no interference without a brutish aggression. The Grizzly Bear Medicine is so powerful in me that the only reason I am able maintain a somewhat even home energy with my close family is because the dominant Wolf Medicine never sleeps and holds the deep ties of Pack while the Grizzly roams the dying year.

My family understands all of this and so our energy interactions continue to run smoothly, because we accept. Because we understand we adapt our lifestyle to the flow of our Personal Medicine Powers. Even if we differ in our Medicines, which we do, we still fully honor and accept each others unique Medicine’s and through that acceptance have dedicated the time to observe these Medicine flows and ebbs so that we understand why one another are expressing those energies and when.

Of course it is much more than just the Grizzly Bear Medicine that is running through me, overlaying the Wolf, but this was just for an example so that you could hopefully understand a bit more of what I am writing about. I know me. I know my Medicines and their combinations. I know their ebbs and flows through the year and seasons and I have embraced and honored them for decades. I hold to them and other people see this, even if they do not understand, it is one reason many people claim to be drawn to my energy for whatever reason they give. I too am drawn to others who have found and embraced their Personal Medicine because it is life, living and breathing, feeling and moving like the elements themselves. It is a freedom of heart, mind and spirit that is suffocated in the process of mono-culture domestication.

That brings me to another point. Certain Medicines have a very hard time interacting with domesticated energies. It comes down to the same principles we find in the natural outdoor world of wild species. Domestication is founded in fear; fear to be yourself, fear to stand on your own, fear to express your uniqueness and fear of ridicule, among many others. Some Medicine’s have a very difficult time stomaching someone being afraid at their core. Being scared is one thing. Being scared is a simple primitive emotional reaction to an immediate threatening situation. It only comes up when acute situations arise. Being afraid is very different. Being afraid is the lack of courage and truly living in fear, using fear as an excuse not to live. It is chronic and upheld by the conditioning of the brain. Animals in general can sense this and it triggers them into being scared because it is so foreign to the wild world around human civilizations. Some wild animals attack in the presence of someone living in fear, some flee and some simply get very cautious, moody and unpredictable in their nature. It is rather like perhaps being confronted by an alien species so very different from the human species as to be completely unrecognizable.

Once again, coming to understand your own Personal Medicine can assist you in identifying and accepting the Medicine’s of others. It can also help you understand why you are the way you are throughout seasons and even around domestication or other unique Personal Medicines.


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