Personal Medicine Power

October 11th, 2015 by

There was a time and people, entire cultures that understood and upheld the deep and primal sacredness of Medicine Power. Cultures and people spread far and wide across continents, honoring individuality and the refined nature of unique energy. This unique energy was sought, found and embraced with the fury of life itself, a core token of Self and guiding insights showing each person the way through their Earthwalk.

Each person was born with their Medicine Power, infused within their spirit, body and mind. Either seers or spiritual leaders of the cultures would help guide the individual to pathways that would allow them the best chances to gain the experiences they required to find their own Medicine. Once an individual found their Medicine they began tapping into it, exploring it through living their true nature. It would open and flouring within them and guide them through life. The people would respect and honor such primal rawness, the wildness at the center of the individual, and even more so if that individual wore their Medicine Power openly and proudly, showing the true heart of self respect and self love.

The more a person used their Medicine Power, the stronger it grew and the deeper it led. In time their Medicine Power would reveal more and more of their true self and the sacred gifts they possessed inside. Observing people would easily see an individual’s Medicine through how that person held themselves, dressed and acted. They could see the Medicine as the individuals talents grew and refined through the embracing of the self and the Medicine of self. People were not seen as just “another person”, but a spiritual being of power and skill, of depth and self truth. Only individuals who tried running from their Medicine, who stuffed it deep inside, afraid or ashamed of it, were looked at with confusion and or sadness for being so lost.

Yes these ways still exist and are honored today, but in very small and scattered areas of the modern world. It is not so much that the energy of it does not exist, but rather that more people than not in today’s world fall into the last category, people who have run from their Medicine and do their best to hide it. Everyone still is born with their own unique Medicine Power, but the expansion of modern ways within the ever increasing mono-culture, shuns it. Adults try to stamp it out in children so the kids grow up to be molds of conformity and not unique in their nature. Many adults do this out of fear, fear of being “different”, unique, personally strong and powerful. The modern way of life does its best to smash anything personally unique and personally powerful because such ways of living are difficult to control through various manipulations. The modern lifestyle works hard to make individuality uncomfortable through ridicule, segregation, outward judgments and prejudices.

If you dress “different”, wear your hair “different”, talk and walk “different”, believe “differently and so on, you are singled out by all those supporting conformity and personal weakness through their conditioned and accepted fears. It is quite disgusting and extremely weakening on a whole to the human race itself. Sure it may at first appear strengthening to social structures and progresses because nobody “rebels” and everybody is “predictable”, but underneath in the depths of the human spirit, it gets thinner and thinner, weaker and weaker. Without this tapping and embracing of Personal Medicine the vaster energy of personal purpose, unique gifts and talents are lost. Diversity of life is lost and any scientist will tell you that all ecosystems upon this earth require vast diversity to function in a balanced way. The human ecosystem is not exempt from this requirement of diversity, individuality and the embracing, expanding and refinement of personal gifts found within the energy of Personal Medicine.

Plain tee-shirts or tee-shirts with corporate logos on them, jeans, sneakers and hoodies are the normal average wear today here in America. The drab conformity colors of gray, navy blue and black are the norm with so many. The closer you look, the less you see because there is far less of people in general. The colors mimic the general moods and though patterns of the people; afraid, confused, depressed, tired, following the herd, catatonic, all the ingredients of conformity. There was a time where I would have said you see it more with men than women, but today I cannot. I see it equally among both sexes.

Interestingly, I just returned from Montreal and found many people in the city to really express themselves through style of hair, clothing, make-up and jewelry in unique ways. Certainly not everyone, however I saw far more people there expressing a wide varieties of flamboyant styles than I have in a long while. It was good to see. Of course I also know that many rut-stuck Americans find such expressions to be nothing more than ludicrous eye-sores. Their loss…

Corporations and conforming companies do their best to make available these drab and uniform clothing and colors for inexpensive prices so everyone can afford them. The less money you have the more of those conformity clothing “uniforms” you will have. If you want clothing with some personal style and flair you need to spend more money, shop at different and harder to find stores, or make your own. Yes indeed, it is all part of the mono-cultural world plan.

Many people over the years who met me for the first time made it a point to comment on how I dress and hold myself. My energy and simply how I present myself through color, clothing styles, hair and whatnot speaks of my Medicine and it strikes people deeply. Many times I find it strikes a sleeping part of people and they wake up a bit to “let it in” and in some way “move” them. I have met others who also have found, embraced and opened up their Medicine Powers and walk them, express them and really have fully become them, but a huge amount more do whatever they can to avoid it in themselves.

Medicine Power works completely opposite of the modern way of social conformity. Personal Medicine Power builds inner strength and solidity, an expansion of self awareness and potential, allows access to amazing amounts of “internal energy” or life-force energy, boosts self confidence naturally and dynamically, prompts creativity and will power. Personal Medicine Power is the seat of and thus supports fully a full sense of purpose and direction as well.

Wearing your Medicine supports walking your Medicine and attracting energies that support and enhance your Medicine. It is a powerful outward expression or creation of the internal Medicine one has found, opened, embraced and lives to the fullest of their abilities. It is not some pompous action or inflated ego driven madness, but a deeply spiritual usage and expression of the true self which is far more vast than the flesh we see staring back in the mirror on the wall. (see the Manetuwak series)

Be a rebel, find your Medicine Power and embrace it with a full heart of courage and strength! Wear it, walk it, show it, live it, Be It. Break away from the uniform conformity and blossom with your individuality. Live, truly and fully, deeply and richly rather than going numb in the stupor of the mono-culture socially uniform global disease.


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