Hey Den,

Just wanted to pop in quick and let you all know that the Breadloaf Wilderness Camp Out last weekend went great and everyone had a nice time in the mountains. The weather was picture perfect; not too hot, not too cool and bugless – who could ask for more?? The nights were clear so the stars and moon were dazzling above. The cold river ran swift and so clear that if it were not moving you would not be able to tell there was water in the bed.

We did awake early, early the last morning to a heavy storm roll through the mountains. What a great thing to hear; the thunder rumbling the forest and the heavy storm rain singing loudly in the trees all around! But by the time we crawled out for the day the storm had passed, the water drained off, the sun came out with a breeze and dried things nicely.

Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere! Tis the season for them and the variety is always astounding. Of course there were a few species out that do not smell the nicest and so areas of the forest were heavily scented with their odoriferous perfumes of decay. No matter, the taste of fresh elderberries and smell of curling woodsmoke in the clean mountain air certainly made up for the occasional rank smell of our fungi friends. 😉

Knots and lashings, chairs and fires, camp set-ups and navigation; woodland exploration, tree communication, land tapping and plant identification… hornet and insect talk, health, body systems, food dynamics, herb qualities and traditional harvesting… dreams, history, genetics, bloodlines and 5 wisdoms, among many other topics were the focuses of the long weekend. Lots and lots of information was offered and soaked up over three days.

So thank you to those who came out and made the weekend great! The next big event, the Mount Washington Excursion, October 20 and 21, also possibly the 22nd as well. Plan ahead and let me know as soon as you can. It is going to be a fantastic trip that those who come will never forget 🙂 Spread the word!


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