Red Maple Burl

March 24th, 2016 by

Here is a little red maple burl that I worked up recently. On one of my quiet mountain wanders I came across a neat burl on a red maple on on a west facing ridge. After removing the burl and leaving an offering I took it home and peeled off the bark. I hand carved the hole while it was still green. Afterward I dried it for a few days by the wood stove. Once dry I hand sanded the whole thing and added small apple branch foot. The finished product was lightly coated with a water based acrylic varnish.

I also added a few more painting images of mine that I found onto the main paint album page.

OK, that is all from me. I am once again leaving the computer and getting back to what I do. Yes mentally and emotionally I am doing much better than a couple weeks ago. Now it is all back to the very slow physical aspect and everything it contains. My many healing assistants do not even want me on this machine at all right now. So two posts, 15 minutes and I am done,   shuuuu 😉


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