Relationship not Loveboat

October 13th, 2015 by

We hear all the time, “All it takes to make it work is love.” For the focus of this short article I am talking about relationships. I have heard and read and even been told many times throughout my life that the only thing a relationship really needs to go the distance is love. Well I have news for people, that is not the case.

Sure it takes love on some level to make a relationship work. The level of love depends upon the individuals involved in the relationship. Some mutual relationships between two people are heavily based upon love, while others are more based upon logic. Though for the relationship to be a relationship in the terms of “love”, “marriage”, “union”, etc, love certainly is a part even if logic is more the dictating factor. Though relationships based upon manipulation, abuse (self and or outward projection) and other lower vibrational energies do exist, they rarely go the distance. Interestingly enough, even in those relationships, love is many times part of it, but not the “love” many of you might think about. Love of abuse and love to oppress are certainly types of love.

We need to remember that love is just a neutral energy that can be expressed and experienced on either side of the vast spectrum of extremes. Just because someone might have a biased view on what love is, does not mean that love does not contain positive and negative, light and dark, opposite scales of energy within the entire context of itself.

Relationships cannot work solely on love though. Even if the strength of mutual love is incredibly intense, it alone cannot hold two people together through decades of physical life. I have known a number of people who still love one another who got a divorce because love just was not enough.

For a relationship to work, for it to last and grow, both parties must be compatible in a developmental sense. If one wishes to grow, to open areas within them, deep levels of conscious awareness and the other partner is not, then no matter how much love exists between them, there will be a powerful dissatisfaction. If one partner strives to evolve into the fullness of who they are and the other partner simply wishes to remain stagnant, they will not be able to “relate” to each other. A relationship is just that, an agreement between two or more people who are willing to do what it takes to relate to each other. I suppose you can even look at it as relating upon a ship. If relations are not compatible then the ship will sink. It does not matter how much love is or is not between the relating parties. Love may make it last longer, the willingness to give the other person more chances, but love is not the right kind of fuel for it to go the distance. There needs to be more.


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