Rest Needing – Apologies

February 16th, 2016 by

Hello Wolf’s Den,

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately on my current path through life and what my body is telling me and what my healthcare practitioners are telling me. I continue to see the same patterns of stress and the continual sliding backwards of my entire system. Yes I put on a good show here in the Den. I of course keep you all updated on my health, to a point. However, I do not inform you of everything and so the entire picture of where I truly am and what I having to deal with has not been presented. Suffice to say that things are not well by any means and every day is a struggle on more levels than I care to admit.

My healthcare practitioners have not only warned me about stepping back from physical teach, but also continually sitting here writing articles for you all. They say it is not good for my exhausted nervous system at all and with continued energy investment in this the issues will only intensify. Computer work also fatigues and stresses the adrenal glands and kidneys.

It is with a heavy heart that I make this hard decision to step down from the Wolf’s Den for the time being. I must step back from writing articles for now and the energy expenditure it involves. Yes I plan to pop in from time to time, perhaps throw out a stray article from time to time, but my percentage of time here will and must be dramatically reduced.

I invite contributors to continue writing and if anyone else is interested in becoming a contributor, I welcome that also. If anyone wishes to step back from the Den for a while I will understand though if you all wish to remain communicating, feel free to do so. I am also stepping back from most emails, basically my whole Internet presence. It is a huge source of stress, has been for a long time and continues to be so. There is no face to face communication and energy understanding. It is all broken, impersonal, chaotic, mostly misunderstood and drama. I truly miss the days when all connections were face to face, where we all talked to one another using voice, body language and full being energy. The Internet is a breeding ground for drama and I have about reached my limit.

Yes I have decided to step back from my entire Internet presence and all its drama and stress. I would like to dump it, everything and never deal with the Internet again, never deal with anyone unless it was face to face ever again. But for now I am just stepping back.
Life will play out as it always does and time will tell what happens, as it always does.

I am sorry to have to inform you all of this, but I have little choice if I want to heal.


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