Ritual Fight in the Scorpion Pit

January 13th, 2016 by

I decided to type up this magnified event from White Wolf’s experience in the training compound.  I say magnified because I’m pulling this one small event out of the entire three years of his direct training, and he mentioned it in detail in his book.  It’s not very long, but I thought worth telling since it goes along with the discussion in Sami’s most recent graphic novel installment.

Last night I had to email White Wolf and ask him what name he gave the head physical training instructor for his book because I just couldn’t remember.  He said it was Pete and so I’ll use the name Pete for the purpose of telling this.

For those of you who read Shadow Scorpion you might recall the incident when White Wolf was pitted against Pete in hand to hand combat.  From what I heard this was all previously planned out in a ritualized fashion.  Pete was the only person involved with Division 10 that wasn’t Caucasian.  Pete was black.  He’d been involved with S.O.E.S for years and became lead physical trainer during the time of Division 6.  Supposedly he and Blake went way back to the Vietnam War.  Together they made a pair you never wanted to encounter.  To me they always felt more demon than men.  Of course they were human, but if there’s such a thing as a real demon, they would’ve fit the bill.  They were as cold as cold gets and their apparent sole purpose in life was to train young men through the most brutal and inhumane practices I’ve ever encountered.  Anytime I had to be in the same room as either of them I could feel my heart go dark and hide.

Make no mistake, White Wolf was a very serious young man when he was brought to the compound.  I wouldn’t have termed him a monster at that time, angry, yes, but not a monster.  He was one of the angriest people I think I’d ever met.  In the early stages of the psyche sessions they had to handcuff him to the table so he wouldn’t just decide to leap off the chair and beat me to a pulp.  He’d fight anything, anywhere, anytime without the slightest hesitation or fear, just pure rage.  I couldn’t blame him for what he’d been through.  Ongoing abuse in childhood, cult torture and then the psychic driving phase of the compound could create that kind of rage in many people.  Though I think many people just wouldn’t survive it to begin with.

The monster aspect I saw in him was programmed and honed in him as the training went along.  They funneled his rage into a violent and highly refined weapon.  They turned part of him into what they were.  I witnessed the monster numerous times as they had to tranquilize him to drag him off trainee combatants so he wouldn’t kill them or maim them for life.  He began to act in ways and do things that the young man who originally was brought in I doubt would’ve ever done.  Even so, Pete dwarfed White Wolf and knew the training as well as his alters and their functions.

Pete was huge, just a massive mound of ice and muscle.  I bet he could’ve broken me in half with his little finger.  He seemed to love causing others pain.  It was the only time I ever saw any kind of light in his eyes.  To me it was always an oddity that he was a part of Division 10 since the division was primarily based in Aryan genetics.  Before you ask, yes the division was created to utilize those specific genetics.  That’s why I found it so odd that Pete was part of the division instructors.

One day late in the division’s training I was told to prep White Wolf’s med space for combat trauma.  I of course did as I was told, but obviously couldn’t help but wonder why.  During the early years of the division’s training I’d get those commands fairly often, but at that stage of training I typically wasn’t preparing the med sections for combat trauma.  My time was spent more with refined monitoring processes and medical tests as the trainees advanced into the final stages of compound training than treating trauma injuries.

After my prep work was finished I began speaking with other nurses and one of them was higher in status than I.  She relayed that Pete was going to challenge White Wolf in the Scorpion Pit.  The indoor hand to hand combat room was called the Scorpion Pit. Its floor had a large black scorpion inlayed and there were scorpion motifs on the walls and ceiling as well.  The floor was recessed lower than the outside halls and there was a drain in the middle.  It was easy to hose down after “training sessions”.

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why Pete was challenging a trainee.  It was strictly against the rules of the compound.  I made some further inquires and discovered the truth.  The event was to be a sacrifice.  It was supposedly a symbolic ritual pitting the Aryan genetics against, and I quote, “The darkness of outside genetics”.  I was told the energy of the ritual was somehow to be used as part of the final stages of training for Division 10, part of their program sealing.  No matter who won the challenge, it was to be a “telling sign” of the future of the division and the path it would end up taking.  None of it made any sense to me, but many things in that compound made very little sense to me.  My job was medical and that was it.

I found out later that many combat oriented rituals were carried out in the Scorpion Pit.  I know quite a few young men lost their lives in that room.  Every time it was opened I dreaded what would come out.  During this instance it wasn’t any different.  I remember actually being afraid for a trainee, for White Wolf.  I expected the worse and made adjustments to my prep work.  White Wolf was incredible at what he was capable of, but this was Pete.  He was beyond a monster.  I kept envisioning the worse, White Wolf being killed in the Pit and me being forced to do postmortem and all follow up tests on his body, which would’ve been my job.  I remember running to the restroom to vomit at the thought.  But it never happened.

They wheeled White Wolf in later on, unconscious, bloodied and severely bruised, but alive.  If I remember correctly he had some broken bones and a few sprains under all the bruises and skin splits.  I had to also help another nurse care for Pete who was also wheeled in and in very bad condition.  My part was very brief and only in the early stages of care.  I was shuffled out soon after the initial examination and IV prep.  Pete’s vitals were thin and sporadic.  White Wolf was just badly beaten up and a bit broken, but Pete’s energy was doing very strange things and I could tell he might not make it.  Eventually through full body examination we found severe damage to Pete’s perineum region.  I knew the trainees had been physically trained and forced through cocktailed drugs combined with electro brain stim during sleep to learn and become somewhat proficient in pressure point and cavity attacks.  My companion nurse and I knew Pete wouldn’t recover and there was nothing we could really do for him.  White Wolf has somehow managed to completely block the energy exchange between the front and back of his body.  Pete had a day at most if he was lucky.  He lasted around 24 hours before his body died.  It’s possible he could’ve been saved.  I’m not positive, but if he was let die it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

It was played up for the trainees that the fight was unsanctioned and things happened that weren’t meant to have happened, but through the upper ranks and medical unit it was known to be otherwise.  I’m sure I don’t know the full extent of what the ritual was all about.  I’m just telling what I know and it’s probably not near half of it.  I do know that after Pete died they took his body to an area of the compound I’d no clearance to.  Plans were also laid out to download instructions in the trainees during programmed triggering.  Those instructions told them that directly after they graduated they’d make their way to a preordained location to receive a scorpion tattoo.  It was the final stage of program sealing, a severing from the training compound and a connection to their commanding personnel.

That’s it.  White Wolf seems to have done an exceptional job of detailing the actual fight, which all the trainees were taught how to do, so I thought I’d just layout a different viewpoint of the event for you.


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