Roots of the Warrior 10

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As we move along we roll the series into the next main point of topic – Survival.

No matter what style warrior, there must first be survival before one can evolve to surpass. What does survival require? It requires the following:

  • skills/training
  • strength
  • diligence
  • resolve
  • fortitude
  • aggression
  • patience
  • intelligence
  • dedication
  • attitude
  • ego
  • grounding
  • common sense

A warrior never willingly undertakes a battle of any kind when they know the odds are stacked against them. Only when forced should they jump into battle that holds poor odds for a survival outcome. Soldiers on the other hand and simplistic fighters will embrace any old conflict just to try proving themselves.

The warrior must be intelligent as well as patient and able to see many angles and outcomes dependent on various choices. If you view the list above, and ponder each word, you can begin to see the dynamics in-which the warriors attitude towards survival and cause flow dynamically within one another. With a warrior you cannot have focus for one without the other.

Though what is survival for if not to surpass current experiences through evolutionary processes? Therefore beyond survival is the ability to surpass. To surpass experience requires:

  • patience
  •  grounding
  • centering
  • releasing
  • forgiving
  • understanding
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • acceptance
  • thankfulness
  • healing
  • focus
  • fortitude
  • endurance
  • sense of purpose
  • shielding
  • trust
  • love

You may at first think some of those words are contradictory, but truly they are not. For instance we have Shielding and Trust. How can we express trust if we are shielded? First we must understand the word Trust. Trust does not always mean trusting others. Before we can learn to trust others we must first learn to trust self. Without self trust we have no core strength, no internal substance. However, as we learn self trust we must also shield the self from external harm. For a fire to burn brightly it must first start from a spark and that spark must be shielded from all that would snuff it.

To surpass an experience a warrior understands that they must first shield themselves from the trauma so they can start gaining perspective through self trust. Once this is built, trust can begin to expand into life itself in-which the warrior sees themselves an integral aspect of. Trauma can then be dissolved since the strength of self trust and trust that all things have a place and purpose in life, and therefore self is a reality. With that level of self trust the warrior can transform the original shielding into personal understanding that they are experienced enough to handle life without hiding behind a shield.

Go ahead if you will and take it upon yourselves to analyze the words in the above two lists and see through your own inner depths how they all relate and work together, even if they at first appear contradictory. Next I will present the challenges, the pitfalls or imbalances a warrior must face along the path.

Continued in Roots of the Warrior 11


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