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Most of us never really walk the path in life we expected or thought we might. We envision all kinds of paths as children, but the path that finds our feet and all it entails can never truly be anticipated, only lived and dealt with along the way.

In a warriors life there are inevitably demons. Some of the persons own making and some made long before who patiently wait for our shadow to pass by. For a warrior the act of ridding ourselves of those demons in life is counterproductive. The demons are there for our deepest benefit – survival, learning and surpassing. If we try to snuff them out we tear part of ourselves away and leave a gaping hole that something else will try to fill. No, we must keep them close and learn from them as we learn to control them so they do not control and dictate our path beyond our will.

Endurance becomes an essential aspect of the warrior path, and endurance requires:

  • Grounding – being in the present
  • The ability to smile to heart and self
  • Staying active in body, mind and spirit
  • Meditating – constructive silence
  • Being creative
  • Quality breathing
  • Spending time outdoors
  • Eating healthy
  • Looking for beauty
  • Releasing the heart
  • Releasing the wounds and traumas
  • Releasing the illusions
  • Treating thyself well

Yes these actions can be carried over and utilized in a great many pathways of life, but since we are speaking on the warrior, these fit right in.

Grounding of course I have spoken and written a lot about. Staying present, paying attention to the senses and details of your body; your thoughts and feelings as well as details in your immediate surroundings and how you are interacting with them.

Smiling in care of the self is an essential and integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Basically giving gratitude to all aspects of the self and the body which carry you through life.

Staying active to stay healthy – obvious necessity to well being.

When we move down through the list most are quite obvious, simple and yet potently effective. Releasing the heart is one that takes a bit of time and focus and goes right along with release work, as does the release of wounds, trauma and illusions. Taking the time to focus on and let go of acute energies detrimentally affecting you is essential to health and balance within body, heart, mind and spirit. Of course trying to release specific non-beneficial energies/experiences within you that are connected to unresolved core issues can be counterproductive and extremely wearing. Just like I explained in my article Complications of Release Work.

Releasing the illusions might be one that is confusing to some of you. What this means is the process of letting go of the preconceived. As some examples:

  • Illusions of right or wrong
  • Illusions of guilt
  • Illusions of needing punishment
  • Illusions of good or bad
  • Illusions of justice which is cold, unfeeling and frozen in time

We seek then to replace illusions with – Everyone is who they are and do what they at any given moment because they must be so to gain the experiences required for evolution. If you are part of the experience then you feel you need it for your own evolution and you must not judge yourself or others for it. Instead it is about learning from it and surpassing and evolving past it all.

Judgment and punishment are not for us to deal in, even within and to ourselves. Our responsibility is to take responsibility for our every feeling, action and thought and not punish ourselves for them, but instead learn to surpass our own imbalances. This requires change and the courage to do so.

Like in all paths, a warriors path too also requires the diligence to focus on and evolve the core issues within our beings. It is simply an essential aspect of this physical life, one we all must face daily. Endurance is required along most pathways and though the type of endurance will vary, the necessity of the above actions in the list can be utilized by most people in my opinion.

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