Roots of the Warrior 2

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Before we really get into the aspect of warrior energy and beyond that, to the actual roots of a warrior, we need to first ask questions. If we cannot really formulate a question, we will have little hope of discovering an answer.

The term warrior evokes a wide range of responses from people in today’s world. Some embrace it while others despise it. Most responses tend to be “knee-jerk” reactions rather than educated and measured ones, as with many topics in this world.

Below are a few opening questions. Feel free to ask yourself more. The ones supplied are just baseline starters.

Also found below are basic definitions of the flat terms warriorsoldier and war. But beyond the mere definitions we need to look deeper into the understanding of the differences between a warrior and a soldier. Many today think they are one in the same, but they are not.

Anytime someone aligning with any kind of conflict gives their personal power over to an entity external of themselves, they lose the deeper connection to self and the connection they have to their higher intuition and spiritual alignment on a soul level. This automatically impedes their ability to make choices balanced upon the greater understanding of life. Instead a person then simply follows orders and seals off the “self” from the engaged action. Yes even a so called “supersoldier” is just a mind controlled slave and not a warrior. Keep this in mind as we continue in the next posting.

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