Roots of the Warrior 4

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As we continue exploring the energy of the Warrior we must face the reality behind evolution. Evolution equals Change which in-turn equals Conflict.

  • Evolution =
  • Change =
  • Conflict

This is the process we see here upon earth and throughout the universe as we understand it.

Things/Energy wishing to stay the same Warring with Things/Energy wishing to change.

Evolution in its own right is a form of War. It occurs on a cellular level as well as a universal one. It is a war against stagnation because life must move one way or another.

Varieties of war are endless and span all levels of existence. This means that the word Warrior must be expanded to meet such variety. Warrior must be defined by the very nature and variety of conflict they are so trained to engage in.

If the very foundation of life’s progression is conflict then where does “peace” fit in? I will explain this in the next installment.

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