Roots of the Warrior 6

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  • The fundamental or essential part
  • The source or origin of a thing

Root of the Warrior – what do you think that means?

Some people are born with warrior natures. Others gain a warrior nature through life itself, but all warriors must be trained and thus pay the price to walk the wisdom of a true warrior. Nothing is free.

Each price is agreed upon or called upon by the individual. Each price forms a root that contains an understanding gained through the paying of that price.

  • Agreement =
  • Price =
  • Root =
  • Understanding

The true strength of a tree is found in its roots.

Prices are paid through training. We do not rise under adverse conditions to the level of our expectations. Instead we fall to the level of our training and what we have or have not paid.

So many people today wish a shortcut to everything, including stature, respect and skill sets, but fewer and fewer have the fortitude and attention spans to stick with something long enough to truly acquire any of those things. Someone cannot claim to be a warrior unless they have truly paid that price and many who claim that title have not. Actual physical testing however always collapses the air built bubble.

A warrior, like any other skilled person must train, be trained and acquire lots of hardcore physical hands on experience. Dreams and fantasy do not count. The word today is thrown around all too easily and empty, like many titles and a great many people holding those titles do not deserve them.

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