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Warrior Evolution:

Do warriors as a whole evolve through time? Were the samurai so different than true and trained warriors of today? You see it is not within the “class” of warriors that we need to look for evolution. War is war and a warrior will be a warrior.

Evolution happens within. The true evolution of a warrior is individual, not group based. The best defense we have is the attack upon the self within the gentleness of rain, politeness of a flower, steadiness of the wind, silence of a dark forest, steadfastness of a mountain and relentlessness of fire. We must evolve thyself from within through internal and external conflict.

There are stages of a warrior we must first understand before we can really question the evolutionary process of warriors. These stages are the key to a warriors evolution.

Stage 1 – External Battle

In this stage the warrior and weapon seek only the fight with others. Battle ensues and anything is used as a weapon and the warrior has no separation. Ego rules. The fight is all there is.

Stage 2 – Internal Battle

The hand and the body no longer master the external weapon. Now the heart and mind unify to become the true master of the weapon and the fight goes within. The external battle internalizes and fights the ego and imbalance of the self.

Stage 3 – No Battle

In this stage the warrior evolves past the want of the fight and abandons the weapon. The warrior abandons all conflict and attains perfect balance within. The deepest understanding of what a warrior truly is has been attained through prices paid, roots laid and explored. By fully living the existence of a warrior one has a chance to reach such a level, but just as a an old growth white pine must fully live the entire life and evolution of a white pine from seed to elder to gain that facet of wisdom, to attain the third stage of a warrior means a person must live their life as a warrior.


The real question here is does a warrior evolve through each stage in one life? Is the purpose of a warrior to move through the stages into completeness of No Battle? In my own view that is not the purpose nor is it possible for every warrior who comes to this earth. Not only is it perhaps not possible, but personally I do not think every warrior wishes to progress through each stage to the last.

If the point of existence is to explore every facet of itself then that means the facets that do not fully evolve through one path of energy. It also means that all energy threads are not meant to complete themselves. A person may very well step fully onto the path of a warrior in this life, but later in their life they move completely away from that of a warrior and into another phase of energy, never having attained the third stage of a warrior. There is no right or wrong about it. The only thing that matters is that energy continues onward.

I have seen many warriors leave the path of a warrior long before they even reached stage 2. Just because someone has paid the price and became a warrior does not mean they will remain such throughout their lifeline. Others may remain a warrior through many lifelines.

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