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I mentioned there are many kinds of warriors, but what is the actual purpose of a warrior in life?

A warriors placement is to challenge the evolutionary process, to keep moving the currents of life so that the death of stagnation does not set in. It is to fire up natural conflict in every cell until absolute balance is attained. Warrior energy is to promote growth and expansion so the source can truly know itself.

The warriors purpose and place is to promote necessary change where the fear of change and the will of stagnation dwells. The warrior challenges life to breech the comfort zone and the trap of complacency.

Does that mean that everyone who challenges their comfort zones are warriors? No. Many people who on occasion challenge their comfort zones or stand up for something in the face of certain opposition many not be in themselves warriors, but rather acting upon the impulse sparked by the actions of a warrior they were or are influenced by. If this meant to be a derogatory statement – absolutely not.

Every energy has its place and purpose. Not everyone is a poet, but perhaps someone who read some poetry was inspired to try their hand at it, if only for a short while. Is that person now a poet – no, but they touched a bit of the poets energy and existence. The poet helped bring enrichment to another’s life through a variation of perspective. That is a form of growth and exploration. Was it prompted by a warrior – no, it was inspired by a poet energy and is no more or less than a prompt of a warrior’s energy, it’s just different.

Everything has a place and purpose, the warrior is simply one, but one that is very misunderstood in today’s modern bias views.

Every year I have a handful of people contact me on Veteran’s Day and thank me for my sacrifice and past service. They understand what I am and they understand that even though partly it was forced service, it had a purpose in life and I fulfilled that small level of purpose at great cost to self and those close to me. So even though it was dark and “ugly”, it had its place and purpose. Predators have as much a placement as prey; disease has as much purpose as health and night has as much a place as day.

Most of you know by now that all my symptoms over the last decade have been due to the damage to my spleen from being poisoned 11 years back. This damage caused an imbalance between spleen, liver, kidneys and lungs; the main trio consists of the lungs, spleen and kidneys in the upper, middle and lower energy sectors of the body. Chronic stasis of blood and energy ensued and generated dozens and dozens of ongoing symptoms. So what does this have to do with this warrior series? Let me show you.

Here is a layout of the progression of stasis complications in my life:

Liver and Spleen Stasis Foundation

  • Angry mother during pregnancy = stress hormones while organs forming
  • Very late birth – built toxins = stressed liver
  • Anger and violence in childhood = stressed liver
  • Anger and violence in adolescence and early adulthood = stressed liver – but moving through, not getting stuck since anger and violence wasn’t held in but vented regularly
  • Extreme trauma; physical, emotional and mental ongoing = causes tension and blockages in system
  • Poisoning in 2005 – severely damaged spleen, stomach and small intestine = stressed kidneys, liver and lungs
  • Severe lack of activity for months while initial healing took place – stagnation in liver and spleen began
  • Inability to vent aggression or anger and frustration = stagnation in liver
  • Stagnation of spleen and liver = depletion of blood & depletion of blood is weak blood and blood unable to circulate freely
  • Over time this depletion became chronic
  • Energy and blood stasis also became chronic
  • Lungs weakened with rising heat from liver and lack of energy from spleen
  • Stasis and deep trauma to spleen gave rise to all my symptoms through the years and the weakness triangle of lung, spleen and kidney

The emotional level of stasis

  • Being told my anger is no good – stop feeling it
  • Being told my aggressive nature is unacceptable to society, change
  • Being told I should not enjoy fighting – change my ways
  • Being told I should just be peaceful and sit around being something I’m not
  • Being told I have to have a happy face always for the world
  • Being told to forget the darkness and only focus on the light and happy energy
  • Being told to avoid a great many things (foods, events, activities) that I enjoy
  • Basically being told to be someone and something I am not and falling into the trap of believing something was wrong with me and trying for years to be something else = all adds to stasis
  • In my case none of the emotional aspects caused the stasis and associate issues, but they have not helped the stasis that was created by the traumas of the past

We need to accept who and what we are in this life, and where we are. No matter what society accepts or does not accept, we need to be who we are or suffer the consequences connected by suppressing our very nature. I am a warrior through and through and have been my whole life. Trying to suppress that fact and pretend to be something else is futile and simply dangerous to the entirety of my wellbeing.

I began to shy away from these aspect of who I am because I was told they just aggravate the traumatic memories and enhance cptsd issues. I found out quite the opposite! The suppression of the the warrior aspects of me simply flared up the trauma and caused it to stagnate within, unresolved, unmoving, and without hope of further understanding. Slowly bringing these warrior aspects of myself back into the forefront of my life, and once again embracing and honoring them has actually helped subdue and even transform large areas of trauma into more productive energies.

There are people who I am sure will say this is all just programming garbage, but they know nothing, especially not of me. I began to realize this last year which is why I began to bring back Survival Combat camps and training into my school, because it is a large aspect of me and what I do. Suppressing that is like pretending I do not need to breathe or eat. I knew it was the correct course of action not only because of how teaching it makes me feel, but also because the people who came for the entire length of the camps loved it.

Hence the focus of the school this year – Bravery – to fully be yourself, even in the face of opposition.

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