Sadness Poem

May 6th, 2017 by

This one we all feel and many feel all too often. Though it may seem like depression it is in-fact a different emotion all together. If likened to an illness, sadness would rather be like the common cold; acute, miserable but fleeting. Depression, however, would be like a full case of influenza; dragging on and completely debilitating and utterly draining. They both stem from the Lung energy though, the same are grief and sorrow.


Battle gray water drips, drips, drips upon the damp mud of my soul;

colorless halls of din saturated in cold mire,

sucking at the decaying joy tarnished like coal.

Seeping rain through the roof of my slate blue heart

echoes in the empty chilled mist,

belonging to the vast and lonesome space and forgotten art.

Sadness claws my battered breast with icy steel,

slinking trickles bleeding from my mind

raining in torrents crying discarded memories surreal.

Oppressive storm crushing my chest nether bound,

I flounder in wake of happiness once felt

before bleak tides of sorrow dragged me under to drown.

Oh loathsome sounds of misery, crying like dank clay,

cut and drain my withered core

thick and cold embedded in banks of inner dismay.

Washed and thin, diluted and uprooted

my life seems to drain away,

under foundations this flood erodes

to my utter pale bleak saddened dismay.

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