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The savior mentality is just as prominent and defeating as the victim mentality. The savior is a person who is in themselves a victim but taking on another facet of the victim. Saviors claim to know the suffering of victimhood and appear to elevate themselves into a higher position in order to save the victims from that suffering. There are a number of issues with the savior mentality and actions.

No victim should be “saved”, because saving a victim removes the life power of the person locked in victimhood. A victim who is saved from their victimhood cannot learn of their own power and gain that essential self awareness and self evolutionary path. It is much like giving a starving person food rather than teaching them how to obtain it for themselves. The starving person who is always given food will always need to gain food from others because they do not know how to get it for themselves. But part of the savior mentality is the need to be needed and that requires keeping the victim in a victim mentality, so they will continue to need a savior.

The savior mentality also has self punishment issues because all saviors become targets of victims. Look at all of the major savior figures the world has seen. What were their fates? Most of them were murdered. The savior knows deep inside that a victim cannot be truly saved. The victim must find the power within themselves to overcome their victimhood and rise above it. Other people can help a victim find their personal power, but nobody can save a victim, such as a savior claims to do. The savior mentality understands this process at their core. Eventually the victim will blame the savior for their misery and not saving them from their torments. A victim who turns to a savior figure does not want to heal and evolve past being a victim. That is why they turn to a savior. If a victim truly wishes to rise above victimhood they will look to the only power that can help them, the power within. Sure, like I said, others can help them with that process, but those people are not saviors trying to save the victim.

The victim who rises against a savior becomes an oppressor and thus reduces the savior back to the victim. But an oppressor is also a victim, which is why they have become an oppressor, because they have been victimized and have not been able to properly process the experiences, most of the time because the trauma was too great.

The savior was once a victim and places themselves in a position that will once again reduce them to the victim mentality once the victims they are trying to save rise against them. It is a vicious cycle that cannot end until the victim looks within with a genuine desire to evolve past victimhood, and that includes savior mentalities.

There is no such thing as a savior who can save people from their state of life. There is only a victim who has the deep need for being needed by other victims. Only individuals can save themselves from victimhood, most of the time with help from others who are not saviors, but rather simple and humble guides who share information gained from their own life experiences.

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