Seek Always~ ancient whispers

March 6th, 2013 by

The wind did blow and the skies bowed down hearing the whispers of the earthen mother

And the mighty bear broke free from rock taking form of mass

As the swift eagle slid from the mountaintop into the vast blue.

Wolves trotted from tracks of moss to spread through forest and plain

While nimble deer bound freely from waving buffalo grass

And the words echoed far and wide:

~Live life in a way that death fear claims no power upon your heart~

~Love yourself and strive always to perfect your life~

~Burden no one in about their beliefs and respect them for their views

But stand fast and demand they respect yours~

~Respect all creatures for what they are but crawl before none~

~Keep your head high and your face to the sky~

~Make beautiful all you can in life~

~Seek always to attain that which is higher than self and live long in freedom~

~Be ever grateful for the gifts and blessings bestowed upon you~

~Claim full responsibility for your actions and tongue~

~And face each new day with thanks and hope that it may be more fulfilling than the last~

~Rest in peace as the night cloak embraces the land and know you are part of all~

~Live well~

White Wolf


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