Self-Check Questions

December 13th, 2015 by

With the extreme amounts of diversity in this world and the intense amounts of pressure placed upon industrialized nation and third-world country citizens to conform to monoculture ways and lifestyles, I find the following personal questions an integral part of maintaining positive focus and a solid and healing view. Keep in mind that they are based upon things I have control of. Meaning my personal actions. Nothing is perfect in this world and even though consciously we can do our best, this does not mean that we are immune always to assisting in global troubles. If we are in the game of the industrialized nations than we exchange in money of which we need to make from the economy. If we are not raking in huge amounts of it, we then are limited as to what we can afford to buy. What we buy may indirectly add to an imbalance elsewhere. But if we do our best to be conscious about our decisions and choices it is all we can do. So rather than focusing on those negatives I suggest people focus on the positives of what they consciously contribute with the understanding that life is a work in progress.

My questions and the answers to myself:

  • Does what I do intentionally harm others? — No it does not.
  • Does what I say intentionally harm others? — No it does not.
  • Does what I do help others attain a higher quality of life? — Yes it does.
  • Do I have proof of the above? — Yes I do as others and life supplies it for me.
  • Do I speak the truth of my life? —Yes I do.
  • Are there some people who hate, dislike, distrust and or slander me for telling the truth? —Yes there are.
  • Does that bother me? —It used to but it does not anymore because I have risen above that drama.
  • Do I do the best I am able to uphold the highest level of integrity of living? —Yes I do.
  • Do I always try to do the best I am able at whatever I do? —Yes I do.
  • Do I give thanks for being able to live this expression of the All? —Yes I do.
  • Do the answers to the above questions help me continue on in acceptance and faith? — Yes.

Perhaps you have your own sets of questions you ask yourself. Perhaps some are the same as mine. If you would like to share with us here in the Wolf’s Den I am sure we would all be grateful for your personal insights.


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