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This page is dedicated to those who have questions about White Wolf’s autobiography entitled Shadow Scorpion. Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions followed by White Wolf’s answer. We hope this helps to clarify any confusion.

Thank you all for your continued support!

UPDATED- 1-07-2013

Q- How did you manage to remain alive after you were poisoned? Weren’t you quite vulnerable at that time for them to finish the job?

A- Yes I was very vulnerable, as was my family. Truth be told, another global organization stepped in as I was removing myself from the agency work. They marked me for future interactions and began protecting me. I dare not name such an organization on public lines. I will just state that this organization makes such agencies such as CIA and NSA look like child’s play. They are the only reason I remain alive today.

Q- How can I get a hold of your first book you mention at the end of Shadow Scorpion?

A- My first book was in such need of serious editing that I no longer sell it. However, I have been taking excerpts out of it and turning them into blogs on my website if you wish to skim through.

Q-     How can the governments treat humans in such horrible ways? How can they do such atrocities to children and not have legal repercussions come back at them?

A-     Human life means nothing to them. Women, Children, Men…it makes no difference to them. The only things they care about are complete and dominant global power and money. To them the human race is nothing more than a usable and expendable resource to further their agendas. They control the law fully. They truly are above the law. In America they passed the “Homeland Security Act” after 911. That is what sealed the fate of all citizens. It took all rights away from the people. Under the Homeland Security Act, they can and do anything they want without repercussions.

Q- Do you know where the training facility is located, how large it is (must be to have the varying landscapes)?

A- The training facility is in Deep Creek as well as near Fort Detrick and has a connecting tunnel system to Deep Creek lake, Montauk Point, Fort Dix, Harrisburg among a number of other key locations from Maine to Virginia. But the main training location was Fort Detrick Maryland.

Q- Have you been back?

A- No I have not been back for many years and would not be allowed back anyway. Once you leave that place, you are done there and they will never let you back in.

Q- Do you now know the organization by which Blake was employed, such as Xe or Haliburton or Dyncorp, etc?

A- “Blake was “employed” by numerous agencies and organizations such as C.I.A, N.S.A, Mossad and even SIS… He was a multi-player and had his filthy little hands in about everything. He had enemies everywhere.

Q- Did they ever say how many trainees were operating, how many years the facility was churning out people?

A- The facility was running since the 60’s in the making of assassins and “super soldiers”, but had been there long before that and involved with other projects like Montauk for example. They never told me how many were “active”, but they had been running numerous divisions and specialists within the subject context.

Q- Do you know what happened to the locators?

A- Some were moved into other divisions to continue work. The rest, I have no idea.

Q- Can you still contact a locator, like you did in Honduras?

A- No, they change the frequency connections so that “accidental” tap-ins cannot happen.

Q- Did you learn why the constant written questions?

A- This is standard training procedure for anyone undergoing deep, multilayered work. It trains the mind to function at peak while the body is completely wasted or under extreme amounts of stress and pain.

Q- Have you ever heard from another trainee? From Kira after she met you “the last time” when you began to merge personalities?

A- A few times when she sent me partial documents that she smuggled out of the facility. I have never heard from any of the others though.

Q- Given your mental abilities, are you able to contact these people? Even Ammon in the non-physical realm?

A- I could, but as of this time I have no desire or need to. I have “felt” “Ammon” a few times within the past few years…

Q- When you completed the training, were you physically unscathed and how did you explain your time to yourself, your parents?

A- I wasn’t physically “unscathed” and did and DO bare many scars and old injuries that continue to plague me today. However, I had false memories which covered up the reality of where those came from. Only through self healing- “deprogramming” and after I turned 30 did the true memories begin to arise.  I lived for many years with false memories and they were also the “events” that those close to me thought to be the truth.

Q- I presume you have a brother. Didn’t he notice you not being around for long periods of times?

A- I do not.

Q- Presumably your parents, brother, and even WindHawk are/were part of the programs. Do they know? How do they reconcile that? Have you mended fences w/them?

A- I will not discuss my family. Family is private and that is that.

Q- I imagine this training took your martial arts training WaaaaaY over the top to where I can’t imagine ANY training partner let alone any conventional martial arts instructor being able to best you or get near your ability. Even the street fighting – how can anyone defeat you? I imagine a program gets triggered and you have the aptitude to rip anyone to shreds.

A- I’m not the only one with such programming. Nobody is ever at the top, ever.

Q- Did you learn what was really in those IVs that seem too heal you within a day? I’d like some of that juice!!! Would it not be something you sought to heal yourself from the HCN poisoning?

A- To this day I don’t know everything that was given to me. Some of my files tell of some chemicals that were used, but very few in the small sections I have. All I know is that whatever it was worked very well. Though I doubt it was good for the body in the long run. And it wasn’t HCN, it was hybrid arsenic.

Q- Are you as of yet healed/rebuilt from that?

A- Yes. But of course it is all a work in progress and i still have much healing to do.

Q- Do you know the astral or non-physical techniques that were used to train you? It would be really interesting to find out how that stuff was done and how that can be applied for beneficial purposes.

A- Yes I do but I do not teach people about such things. Too much info on levels that I wouldn’t want most folks having.

Q- Do you have psychokinetic abilities? Seems they are closely aligned with your other enhancements.

A- Yes, but then again everyone does. Most just haven’t learned how to tap onto them.

Q- Can/do you teach the mental work you’ve learned?

A- I teach the healing and self awareness mental work- yes.

Q- When you lie in wait for hours or more, do you urinate in place, in your clothes?

A- Funny question. In training we were normally so dehydrated that it wasn’t an issue, but if you had to go, you had to go. On assignment you planned ahead. The smell would have been something to give away your position.

Q- Can you telepathically communicate w/the animals in your surround? With your wife? With others besides the locators?

A- Yes.

Q- You alluded to shape-shifting. Can you voluntarily shape shift? Do you shape shift into anything other than a wolf? What circumstances cause the shape shifting? Stewart described in his book he has changed into a lion.

A- Yes I can. No. Too detailed to get into here… You can hear me speak in depth about this in my radio show called the Beginnings through Off Planet Radio-

Q- At this point, do you know your lineage? Do you parents know your lineage?

A- Yes I do. Mainly Swiss/Germanic, Irish, Dutch

Q- You said you were told you’re part of the Atlantean genetic hybridization. Did that manifest through some royal or specific ethnic bloodlines? Do you know if any in your family can shape-shift or have your abilities?

A- It all connects through blood, genes and mind patterns… all of it.

Q- You mentioned “I have non-organic implants just as Stewart and most of my programming/training was hands on verses the virtual programming of today.”Do you mean metal or ceramic implants?

A- Yes some are metal as I have been told…but  do have documents telling of many silicon ones as well- over 27 if I remember correctly. I posted a few x-rays on my website showing a few of the them.

Q- On page 193 Blake says that the abilities that one has developed in an alter cannot be accessed in the everyday consciousness. Do you think this is really true? After all, deprogramming implies merging all the alternate selves, so this statement doesn’t make sense to me.

A- Yes “Blake” was right. While an individual is still fully programmed and fulfilling the programmed state of being, he/she cannot access the other areas of the consciousness. They are blocked off. Only when bleed-throughs occur or deprogramming begins will the individual begin to get glimpses of other alters within. The more deprogramming one does, the more clear it becomes and merging them becomes effective…generally speaking. Sometimes an alter can surface during deprogramming that is so strong it sweeps the individual right back into full programming. This is why proper steps must be taken, proper processes must be followed and a very close support group must be in place.

Q- Did SOES tell you about foods to eat, what to drink? Nutrition?

A- Yes, a solid body was necessary to be able to endure the work we did.

Q- How often do you eat meat and do you often kill from the wild? How do you capture your wild game? Can you approach it and use the hand-to-hand techniques, use your ability to blend your energy into the earth, cover your scent, etc?

A- I eat meat every day. When I take wild meat I normally use a wooden recurve bow with handmade arrows. Yes I can track up to something and was taught the ways of multilayered camouflage even before I went to the training facility.

Q- Pureblood – white reptilian. I thought they were in control of the Illuminati. Why was one your target?

A- Certain factions of the Illuminati are at war with the Purebloods and so on occasion ordered hits of specific ones happen…

Q- I’m fascinated by the strike points you learned (the acupressure points – p 169 – and blade points from page 165). Is that formalized in a way I can obtain/study/learn it?

A- It is, but I am extremely cautious as to who I would teach any of that to. I have met very few who are in a position of self work that I trust to teach such things to. Even then most don’t have the ability to stick with it to have it do any good at all.

Q- On p. 174 you describe the surreal scene w/Lilith and 3 purebloods. Can you describe them? How did you know they were purebloods? How’d you know Lilith is a shape shifter? Into what shapes can she shift? What triggers it? Stewart (I believe) talks about being in a certain state and eating certain flesh so the genetics shift.

A- They made no attempt to hide who and what they were. They never do in rituals. I was in too many rituals and each one was most horrible. They were always present. I was told that “Lilith” required human blood/DNA to maintain her human form. Without it she would shift to her Blueblood form. I don’t know if this is true or not, however. All I know is that she was a very strange and spooky individual!

Q- Did you find out who “claimed” you since childhood?

A- Yes, she is in the book. I also spoke of this on my radio show called the Beginnings-

Q- How were you used in ceremonies?

A-  As to elaborating on the rituals, I will not on open public lines. They are incredibly horrible, violent and each one I was involved with included death, torture and things that would or should make the everyday person sick to their stomach for a long while.

Q- You described blocking out Lilith toward the book’s end. Have you had further encounters with her? Why was she even in SOES? What was her purpose for being there?

A- She was a handler for high level individuals, through and through. I have seen her since…but not much anymore.

Q- How do you identify a frequency? I mean you don’t have a frequency meter. How do you know/identify a frequency of me vs. another or an animal? When a person or animal changes behavior (sad to happy), does the frequency change and how? What about frequency harmonics?

A- This is a very detailed question which would require far too much response for this Q&A. I teach people how to do such things.

Q- At the beginning when you were first taken to the training facility, you state that you were 16 years old.  The year would have been approximately 1988 or ’89, correct?

A- This was in the spring of 88.

Q- Then it is implied that the training only lasts a few months, and that after graduation from the facility and your first debriefing, you are able to spend a little time in the “real” world before being pulled back to the facility for another brief period of training.

A- The first training block lasted three months or so. Then we were released for 5 and a half weeks. After, we were brought back. Then we trained for another block and so on. In reality the training was all broken up throughout a 3 year period so none of us would look missing in any way from our other lives. For the purpose of the book I condensed it into two main blocks so the reader would be able to follow it easier. I began writing it the way it happened and it was so confusing to my editors…I figured the average reader would never understand. I was only about an hour away from my training site so it was quite easy to get me to and from trainings.

Q- After you are let out the second time, you still have to finish your last year of high school, correct?  I’m assuming that would have been circa 1990?  Near the end of the book, you state that your training lasted for 3 years.  Does that include the SEALs training?

A- SEALs training took place in many blocks as well and the detailed info wasn’t actually gone over until later on in the SEALs interactions. But for the ease of the reader I blocked it all into one section. I graduated training at the facility after graduating high school. My first SEALs training block was a year later. Then I would go back many times over a 10 year period.

Q- You mentioned quickly in the book that Ammon told you the government ruined your connection to your birth name. Was that an embellishment or fact?

A- That was a pass over in the book. The reality is that I was born into an alter from a previous life. My spirit was enslaved and I was forced into the body I am in and the family I was born into. The reason is because they needed me to have the specific genetics to be able to fulfill my specific program duties. My programming carried over from what I was doing in the life before this and so the “birth name” was not my actual “birth name” but the name of the alter that came through. My birth name wasn’t actually given to me for a little while. So Wolf is the true frequency birth name and is part of the name I carry today. So “healing” from that wasn’t a big deal and was actually a big relief to embrace my true name. The government gave me many names through the work I did. They would not only give me names to fit each alter, but then go as far as create birth certificates for each one! Honestly, I don’t even remember all the names they gave me, nor do I remember the name of the alter aspect that was placed into this body. It doesn’t matter to me anymore though because I have evolved past all that and finally found my core frequency. It took a while for all those alter names to fade in my dreams as they were all triggers of course. Just as Janet Swerdlow said in our interview on their podcast- the name I have today is my true birth name and my core frequency.

Q- I’m also a little confused about the Pennsylvania assignment where Blake sent you for SEALs training.  You stated that it happened one year after your training at the facility.  If this is correct, it would have had to be during the early ’90s?  However, during the lecture you quoted from the SEALs Commander regarding radiation effects, he is talking about events that happened in 1999 and 2000, like the sinking of the Kursk.  Perhaps that speech occurred during one of your subsequent later training missions there, after you were married, etc.?

A- Answered above. Again for the ease of reading I blocked all my SEALs training into one section where as the reality was that it took place over a 10 year period. So dated material was presented in later training blocks…

Q- In your book, when you were deep inside that cave in PA you saw footprints. You mentioned that you had never seen prints like that before. Could you explain what they looked like?

A- Yes I can. The prints I found in that caves tunnel system were three toed humanoid prints. Each print had to overall shape of a humans foot but with only three prominent toes and each toe was tipped with a claw impression. The pressure release imprint told of the tracks belong to something that weighted around 280 up to 340 pounds, depending upon which track I was reading.

Q- Can you please tell us why you were allowed to publish your book and why nobody has tried to get it off the shelves?

A- The main reason is because when I decided to make the book available to the public I made sure that all names had been changed of all individuals involved. If you add real names to a book you open yourself for targeting. At that point anyone who has a name in your book has legal rights to attack you through lawful means for anything they feel is ‘slander’. By placing real names in a book such as mine you also mark missions as traceable. This would be taken badly by the government and give them direct reason to come after the book and myself. By knowing all of this I made sure to keep such things out of the text so that there would be nothing ‘illegal’ about what was written which gives no reason for lawful action against the book or myself. I also go into great detail about why I am allowed to teach and say what I do in my blog. Here is a direct link to the article- and of course if you read through my website and follow my radio shows you will understand that even though they have no “lawful” means they employ many other methods of attacks against me.

Q- Do you feel you have removed the part of yourself that was capable of doing the things you did in your past?

A- No. It is part of what I am and I have come to accept that, hard as it was. Everybody has a light and dark side within. Many don’t know their dark side because they have suppressed it. This does not make it go away, nor does facing it and “healing” it. Yes this aspect of me still exists and I would be flat out lying if I told anyone that it didn’t. The main difference between the NOW and the Past is that NOW I have conscious control and can choose to tap into it or not. That is the power we have when it comes to both our light and dark sides within- conscious choice. In the past because of mind control and deep programming activations I did not have a conscious choice so others could control and utilize me for what I could do. NOW I have regained conscious control and so can make whatever conscious choice I may. I choose not to use that aspect of myself that was so heavily used and abused in my past.

Q- How is it you are not attacked by the government and other organizations because you got out and teach what you do?

A- This has been asked many times before and I will answer it yet again. I never said I was not attacked! Yes I do have some protection which allows me the ability to do what I do and run a school, have a family, etc. However, in the last five years I have been attacked in many ways on numerous occasions. This will all be laid out in my sequel to this book. They include technological attacks on my website and radio shows to personal attacks, both direct energetic as well as attempted physical on myself anf family. This still goes on today.

Q- How is it that such black op programs stay alive for so long without being uncovered?

A- That is a very good question. From what I have seen they are changed in specific ways every few years to keep the trail they leave convaluted and thus hard to follow. They change the names as well as funding sources continually, which breaks up any paper trail. The major programs do not really change locations because they are so well protected by the bases securities in which they are running out of. However, the smaller programs not only change names and funding sources, but also locations. Those who desgin and keep such programs afloat are masters of disguise and covert tactics. So hiding such programs is not a big deal with them. Plus they have the money to do what they do…

Q- If the government is so good at mentalist assassination why do they need physical assassins?

A- You must remember that the actual kill in assassination is not really the main goal in most cases. Assassination isn’t so much about killing as it is making a point. If everyone targeted for assassination simply died in their sleep from heart attack or stroke it wouldn’t make much of a point; wouldn’t set much of an “example”. Physical assassination is to make that point to the world through death…

Q- Under the section where you talk about HCN (Hydrogen cyanide) you claim that it is an acid and that it has a PH factor of 9.2. Are you sure you got that right?

A- Yes I’m positive that I have that correct as a PKa level. Hydrogen cyanide is slightly acidic and measured at a PKa level (acid dissociation constant) of 9.21. Any material deemed slightly acidic has a rating in water between -2 and 12 PKa. It was a typo in the book to label it as PH instead of PK, but for all intense purposes since the PKa level is 9.21 and therefore between 2 and 11 it can be measured by PH. (even though the PH and PK measure will be different)  Only when PK levels drop below 2 or extend higher than 11 can PH no longer be accurately used and then Spectrophotometry must be employed.

Q- Do you know that I’ve found many grammatical errors throughout your book? Your spelling is fine but many words are wrong.

A- Yes I know. I have stated many times that I do not consider myself a writer. My grammar has always been something I have had to work with. This is also self published because I have not found a publisher that would take it on due to the reality of its content. That means that it has been edited a number of times but not by professional editors. My point in writing Shadow Scorpion was to get my story and a great deal of information out to the world, not to create a grammatical masterpiece. Who knows, one day it might get picked up by the right people and get professionally edited. Time will tell.


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