Shadows and Scorpions, part 6, an Overview

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White Wolf personifies the extremes of polarization and “Shadow Scorpion” presents this dichotomy of his life.  How can one mind, one body and one soul endure such trauma and pain?  For what purpose?

Shadow Scorpion” vividly portrays brutality beyond most people’s imaginations and clearly grips a reader with its dichotomies, all in the same book.  Two books in one:  Beauty and the Beast.

While many raw passages and chapters paint pictures of fragmentation and spewed blood, other scenes are filled with White Wolf’s deep spiritual connection to beauty and Nature and their messages.  How can any reader reconcile this into a meaningful context?  As one horrifying chapter brings questions, another reveals answers with more questions.

How is it possible that one individual can contain within himself such extremes of life in a single lifetime?  What might be some larger messages of “Shadow Scorpion” for us to consider?  How does White Wolf’s extreme life put a context to our own lives?

How can White Wolf find the shards of shattered glass that at one time composed the ‘who’ and ‘me’ of himself?  Piece by piece.  And, in collecting each shard, it may crumble or disappear.  How can White Wolf ever work this through when he does not know what questions to ask?  Or, who has the answers?

Step by step White Wolf reveals to us his conflicted past as he began piecing together what parts he could find.  Yes, many scenes brought me to tears with anger, rage and disgust.  But White Wolf did not reveal his most personal past for titillation or extending horror to its readers.  There are messages at all stages in “Shadow Scorpion” tucked away for us to find, ponder and utilize. 

First, how can we individually pull apart our constructs that comprise our belief systems?  Of whom we think that we are?  Systematically, White Wolf tells us in words at Element Mountain that we are NOT our thoughts, our memories, our beliefs, our bodies, and on and on.  Through “Shadow Scorpion” the readers try to make sense of this, while turning the next page.  What is the purpose behind such brutality?  Who is behind it?  More to the point: Where does the answer lie of how to interpret our lives and overcome this shiznit?

Second, how do we readers who experience varying levels of mind-control and programming find a way to strengthen and to overcome them?

Third, we are gifted with certain abilities that as a civilization we do not recognize.  This civilization also has special, innate characteristics that go beyond intellectualism of the cold and heartless.  Yes, having true compassion and ‘heart’ are benefits that comprise ‘who we are.’  We may come from many diverse species with various talents, but those who recognize our uniqueness will recognize that it stems from having ‘Heart.’  A blending of thought and heart as it deeply connects with its eternal core, might summarize an integral piece to solving humanity’s life puzzle.  White Wolf’s enhanced memories, strength and more, all indicate humanity’s potential of what has not had the opportunity to express. 

It becomes obvious that ‘they’ have knowledge and information of folding time, of how to use (and abuse) astral techniques to manipulate us.  Learning that, indeed, astral activities can physically bruise and damage a person to the point of death, places great importance for us to learn how to strengthen and protect ourselves and to shield up. 

‘They’ also have access to enhanced information that is presently blocked from us, or seemingly so.  ‘They’ understand and utilize techniques that are not readily available for/to us.  What we do not know, we do not experience.  This game continues from eons past.  Manipulations, coercions and entraining: They all mix into a putrid stew of defilement. 

Do we continue feeding our energies into more polarization by side-stepping what needs to be analyzed about ourselves?  Are we so mesmerized about what type of programming that we might have, that we miss the bigger picture — to simply find our inner self and to work on strengthening our inner core?  By feeding the Beast we further weaken our energies and resolve.  We remain ‘stuck’ in the slime. 

Systematically at Element Mountain, White Wolf tells us what he finds to benefit his healing process and what does not.  All of these beneficial steps revert back to Meechgalanne’s teachings of Traditional ways.  These messages are begun in “Shadow Scorpion” and continue at Element Mountain.

Through all of this, White Wolf has relearned how to respect himself and to nurture himself.  White Wolf’s continued healing, in spite of the fact, that things can go ‘sideways,’ show us how to extricate ourselves from our own mind-sets.  Each of us holds limited capacities that in time can be expanded.

Do we find enough determination to make that first step out of the dark, heavy-laden labyrinth that entwines us?  Do we find our inner self, our inner purpose and strength?  Our separate paths all lead to the mountaintop.  How each of us maneuvers and gets to the top, is up to us.  Can we muster enough Just Anger to say “Enough is Enough!”  That is the first step.  Desire and action.


On a personal note my challenges about tackling the proofing of “Shadow Scorpion” brought me closer to finding more out about ‘me.’  I knew that lessons to be learned had little to do with the content of the book, rather it would serve as a backdrop for certain measures to unfold.  Unfold they did!

During this time of proofing, a major challenge for me was to get a better grip of how to balance my mental – heart – spiritual, along with Mother Earth, bringing me to a more solid place.

Several days ago – in my mind’s eye – appeared a miniature book facing me with its pages quickly fanning.  Every page was pristine white, except for a tiny drop of blood at the base of its binding.  Yes, those pages unfurl, wiped clean of those gory scenes.  They also are ready for a new chapter, a new story.  The Soul Train climbs higher and lighter up the mountain.


As we plod through “Shadow Scorpion” and read of White Wolf’s having no memories, false memories, shattering and destroying, suffocation, intense anger, torment, deception — how do we relate any of this to our personal lives?  Looking back on these descriptive words, it seems obvious that in some small way each of us has felt the same. 

On the other hand White Wolf has enhanced memory capabilities, beyond normal human talents and strengths, messages from Lore and Tradition, truth to Self.  These demonstrate humanity’s potential – our common, latent abilities, waiting to be discovered and the opportunity to express.

All of the above are/were contained in one body-suit.  White Wolf embodies these potentials of extremes and has uncovered his newer path while dismantling old ties that no longer serve his greater purpose.  These attachments are broken from emotional connections as White Wolf moves through his Attainments.  His self-healing brings him to a new personal chapter and perspective.

For us all, White Wolf serves as a guidepost, a Flame in our darkness, providing direction.  How we make sense of his messages and whether or not we act on them is up to each of us in this go-around.  Patience, perseverance and desire are some of the tools for us to learn, along with, Forgiveness, Balance, Gratitude and Letting Go.

To quote White Wolf:

“I learned one thing: There is no one who is going to come and save us from ourselves and what we have or are doing. It is up to us as individuals to take full responsibility for who we are and what we do…

I no longer have a need to be used and controlled…

I will no longer feed the energy of war by warring with myself and others…

It took me a long and painful trail to figure out that all conflict and fighting happens within the self, first, and it is only from within the mind that it can be ended.

I forgive. I forgive through 4 seasons I forgive. It lightens my day, it brightens my heart; carries my soul afar. Hold no grudges; I forgive thyself and all others I have ever known.”

28 April 2015


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