Sick Ignorance

January 10th, 2016 by

Yes this is a rather a rant article because, well because I have been in one of those moods for days and days now, but also because in my opinion this topic should be continually put forward since there seem to be so many ignorant people out there who just do not seem to have a clue.

Once upon a time when a person got sick they stayed home and rested until they were well. Not so much today and it is infuriating. Too many people today seem to pay more attention to TV, movies, video games, the latest gossip or other trash and neglect the things that are actually important, like basic survival protocols. Taking responsibility when you have a cold for instance is one of those basic things.

Every year I see a ridiculous amount of people from autumn through spring that are sick and ignorant, a dangerous combination. They walk around town wheezing and sneezing, coughing and spewing their germs all over everything and everybody around them. In this day in age it is completely unacceptable! The information is everywhere, IF people want to see it, if they have a care. Sure many people claim they care, but their actions certainly show otherwise.

I realize this does not bother some people, but for someone like me who has to deal with more than enough complicated and plaguing physical issues, getting sick from someone else’s ignorance is far too easy to do. With the amount of physical complications I work with it places an extreme stress on my immune system, which leaves me more open to germs than I care to be. So yes when I see the ignorant sick walking around it pisses me off.

Last week I was sitting in the car shop waiting for a minor repair to be done on my vehicle. Across the waiting room was a woman sitting there reading magazines from the shop table. Magazine in one hand, snot rag in the other while she was sneezing and coughing all over the place. She blew her nose every 30 seconds and handled the magazines with those germ filled hands like it was nothing. She was constantly taking her jacket on and off and shivering, most likely due to a fever. When she was called to pay for her car repairs she threw the magazines back on the table. Of course she also had to touch just about everything in there before she left, doorknobs, counter tops, pens, etc. Not a care in the world. So was she contagious? Absolutely!

Someone else told me they had been feeling a bit off for a few days and figured they were working on being sick. Then on the third day they started getting a scratchy throat. With that they said they planned to go see a movie that night and then go to their workout class the next day, completely ignoring and denying the fact that they were contagious. If you have a fever or sore throat, you remain highly contagious until the fever or sore throat is gone for at least a full day. This is basic health 101 grade school knowledge, and yet I see and hear about adults ignoring this fact because they refuse to care for themselves. And so in their chosen ignorance they contaminate every place they go to with their active germs, without a care in the world how many people get sick from touching their spew.

Today we see these hand sanitizer dispensers in almost every public building, even the entrance of grocery stores. What many people do not know is that most of them are anti-bacterial sanitizers. This means when you use them they will kill any bacteria on your hands. However, cold and flu germs are not bacteria, but rather virus. Anti-bacterial soaps do not kill cold and flu viruses. That means if someone contagious with a cold sneezed in their hand and touched the handle of the shopping cart; the anti-bacterial soap you wiped it down with will not kill that virus. It is a bit of a false sense of security. This is one reason I wear a light pair of gloves everywhere I go this time of year. I do not touch my face with those gloves. When I get in my car I take the gloves off. When I get home they get thrown in the washing machine. I use anti-virus and anti-bacterial cleansers at home and have a bottle I carry in my car as well.

Mysophobia you say. No actually it is not. If you felt as I do, the thought of getting sick on top of it all is far more than unpleasant, it is quite factually dangerous. Therefore it has nothing to do with unwarranted fear, but rather a base survival protocol. Of course many sick people could care less.

Sickness and Ignorance are a dangerous mix. It is no wonder the cold and flu spread like wildfire all over the place. How hard is it? If you are sick STAY HOME and quite spreading your spew all over for the rest of us to contract. If you have to go out when you are sick, wear a mask and gloves. Do not touch your face with those gloves. Do not touch anything with your hands if your hands touched your face. It is not rocket science. Kindergartners can be taught to do as much.


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