Skin Absorption of Vitamin D3

August 17th, 2016 by

Did you know experts claim if we shower every day we may be vitamin D deficient? Dr. Allan Christianson, NMD states that vitamin D is actually more related to hormones than vitamins due to its structure. He says vitamin D is literally made the way hormones are made by the body and contains the same structures as sex hormones and built out of cholesterol. If that is not interesting enough, this is.

Our bodies require the naturally produced skin oils to properly absorb vitamin D from sunlight. Without those natural skin oils we cannot absorb D. The more we bathe and wash with soap and clean with other harsh chemicals (like alcohol bases and whatnot), the more we strip those natural oils off and so the less D we take in from sun exposure.

If we apply polyunsaturated fats to our skin, once they interact with UV rays from the sun, they break down into free radicals and can damage the skin. We should never use polyunsaturated fats on our skin for that reason.

If you think you get enough D from milk products you might want to call your dairy supplier and ask if they use natural or synthetic vitamin D and A supplements in their products. Many dairy manufacturers, even organic ones, use synthetic vitamins in their milk and many people are allergic to them. But they do not advertise what kinds they add to their products, we need to contact them directly to inquire.

I know there is discrepancy out there in the medical field as to how much vitamin D3 we should be taking, but it seems the average is about 10,000 units for people low on the vitamin. No wonder most people are deficient! So I guess all those teenage boys who hate to bathe are onto something! 😉

Personally I like the Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw D3.

Just a few interesting pointers for you all.


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