Smoking Murder & Us

July 25th, 2015 by

It matters not how many chemtrails are in the sky, how many pesticides and toxins pollute the foods and liquids you consume; it matters not how polluted the earth is or the air you breathe if you smoke cigarettes. If you smoke you are not only killing yourself, but polluting the air of everyone around you and thus what you are doing is no better than those spraying the skies or fields with toxins.

Let us say someone is smoking home rolled cigarettes with just straight tobacco and not store bought cigarettes. One might say this is OK because it does not contain the over 600 chemicals found in store bought cigs. If the straight tobacco is not organic, which most is not, and then you are inhaling the pesticides that were sprayed on the tobacco in the fields. You are also forcing others around you to breathe those pesticides.

The most common pesticides found in tobacco are:

  • Triflralin
  • Flumetralin
  • Pendimethalin

Each of those pesticides has been proven to disrupt the endocrine system of the human body, detrimentally affects the thyroid gland and hinders both the metabolic and reproductive systems as well. The pesticides also cause cancer. Each of those pesticides has been proven to survive the burn temps of a cigarette and have been proven to enter the lungs, brain and bloodstream of the smoker as well as those breathing the secondhand smoke. Hormones are dramatically affected by those pesticides and thus stunted, which as any of you who read my articles concerning the endocrine system, brain and personality understand are dangerously life-altering. The US Surgeon General sates that one of the major reasons for dropping sperm count in American males is due to secondhand and direct cigarette smoke inhalation.

Now let us say a person is not smoking straight tobacco in a self rolled cig. In that case we need to look at what the cigarette companies put into their poison sticks (cigs). Over 600 chemical ingredients are found in the average cigarette. If this seems like a huge amount, it gets worse. When the cigarette is burned and those 600 ingredients burn, they create around 7,000 chemicals which are found in the smoke! The American Lung Associate states that 69 of those are absolute know cancer causing chemicals and a great many more are poisonous.

Just a very, very few of those chemicals are:

  • Cyanide – poison, deadly
  • Arsenic – poison, deadly
  • Formaldehyde – poison
  • Lead – poison
  • Cadmium – poison, used in batteries and paint
  • Polonium – causes cancer, radioactive
  • Methanol – toxic, main ingredient in rocket fuel
  • Methyl isocyanate – deadly, killed over 2000 people in 1984 by an accidental spill
  • Ethyl Furoate – causes liver damage
  • DDT – poison, banned insecticide, caused the death of thousands of bald eagles and other animals

Those are just a few of the 7,000 chemicals found in cigarette smoke. If you want a more detailed list, please visit Tobacco Facts.

The medical and scientific facts could not be more clear. Cigarette smoke is highly poisonous to not only the smoker, but to everyone who is exposed to the secondhand smoke. If you smoke you have no right to complain about chemtrails, pesticides and other pollutants in the environment. You are slowly poisoning the air as well and every person around you. That means family and friends you claim to care about. Smoking around them is little different than walking up and injecting them with gasoline or forcing toxic vaccinations on them. You may as well serve them ongoing small doses of strychnine for dinner.

Almost 54,000 people die every year from secondhand smoke in the United States alone. Since 1964 2.5 million people have died from secondhand smoke inhalation. Over 10 billion dollars a year is spent every year trying to help and treat people suffering from illness due to secondhand smoke. So if you are a smoker and complain about the country’s economy, you might want to stave your hypocrisy.

All of this damage goes right along with every one of my Organ Health articles, because the smoke poisons every organ and damages every system in the human body. There are no exceptions.

I could go on and on, but I will leave it at that. The simple fact is that if you smoke you are killing people other than yourself and more specifically have a hand in murdering around 54,000 people annually in the United States alone. You are adding to the pollutions of this earth of which every life-form here calls home. You are helping waste 10 billion dollars a year on the nation’s medical bills. And all for what? Bravo. Not sure how you can live with those facts and continue directly supporting them, but hey, it is your energy and your creation; your legacy. Live with it while others are dying because of it. No sugar coating. It is what it is. 1 in 100 people on a global scale die from secondhand tobacco smoke inhalation annually. That is 600,00 people of all ages, from children to adults. 47% of those deaths are women and 28% are children under 5 years of age. If you smoke you directly assist in those deaths. Is that addiction worth the murder of so many?

I used to have a policy of no smoking in all my classes and outdoor excursions. Over time more people started coming that smoked and thought they could not smoke indoors, they would light up in outdoor classes away from others. I got lenient and allowed them to smoke if they removed themselves downwind from the group. However, no matter if you stand next to someone or 20 feet away, the air currents and humidity levels bring the smoke to other people nearby and so everyone began inhaling secondhand smoke. The smokers began to abuse this and get closer and closer to the group so as not to miss anything. Eventually some would stand a mere 10 feet away and try adjusting their position to the air currents. Yea, OK. The smoke would easily infiltrate the rest of the class no matter where they moved. It not only threatens the health of the non-smoking students, but also causes a huge distraction and stress factor for people knowing that someone could light up at any time.

Well guess what, the rule is officially back in place, permanently. No Smoking at any Element Mountain class, camp or excursion unless the smoker is at least half mile away. NO EXCEPTIONS. I will no longer threaten the health of my non-smoking students to pander to a smoker’s addiction.

I hold nothing personal against smokers. I sympathize with whatever deep and painfully haunting issues are driving them to smoke, but I have something against the smoking habit and its overall harmful affects on life. If someone’s habit harms none but themselves, so be it, it is their business, but if someone’s habit harms those around them, like smoking, it becomes an entirely different story and automatically becomes everyone’s business because it is unacceptable.


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