Every year we speak on this, but I feel that every year we all need a kindly reminder, myself included!

This is a great time of year for shedding everything, everyone and anything that drags you down, hinders your process through life and degrades your vitality and creations of internal peace.

They hide in shadows and out in plain light. They dwell in daily routines, family units and circle of “friends”. They exist in work, towns, organizations and gatherings. Pretending to hold a place of importance in your life they work tirelessly to undermine your very roots. With invisible claws they rake and hook into your energy, pulling and dragging you down. To them it is all about overcoming you, overpowering you, feeding off your misery they help create and dominating life position over you. Dirt and foulness they start inside and spew into the world to harm others rather than building themselves.

Perhaps it is once again time to peer into all levels of your life and find the foul things lurking to your demise? Perhaps in this seasonal time of darkness, where light is most honored from the inside out, we can all more easily see these degrading energies in our lives so that we may shed them, cut them lose and dump them off the sides of our sacred life paths. Maybe it is once again time to reanalyze?

Then we can take a moment to inhale deeply the breath of life, notice the lack of weight upon us and take our first steps awash of those polluting energies. Each year it is important to do this again and again. The more waste we shed the easier it becomes for other hidden waste to surface and make itself known so we can shed it as well.

In the dark of the year kindle the internal fire of self love and appreciation enough to burn away all that holds you back. Do not allow others to drag you down and snuff you out. Stand tall and proud. Know that you will prevail and that you will not be forsaken by lesser minds and lesser hearts. You are here and that means you are life – honor it and live it.


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