Sufferance of Flesh

February 7th, 2016 by

This article is not uplifting. It is not meant to be. I present a raw truth based upon the perspectives of my experiences and observations. As with all my articles I do not attempt to persuade you into changing the way you think, feel or live. The path you walk and the life you lead is yours and yours alone, however you see fit to move along your path is up to you and your abilities and there is no judgment about it. If you do not feel like reading, it is certainly your choice.

The act, presence and energy of suffering is one of the most profound, widespread and all encompassing energies of this physical world.

The plants, trees, insects, reptiles, fish, amphibians, marsupials, birds, mammals; the earth, water, sky, microorganisms, all of these forms of physical life suffer. All physical bodies fight 24 hours every day to ward off countless things that try to steal the very life from it. From microorganisms constantly attempting to consume flesh from the inside out or from the surface inward to the blazing ultraviolet light of the sun, the icy grip of winter, withering drought and drenching flood, famine and so on. Even the water we bath with would basically dissolve us if our bodies did not constantly produce oil to waterproof us.

Our immune systems fight day and night every moment of our lives to defend against some of the most primal and oldest forms of life there are, bacteria and viruses. Anyone who looks at the body under a microscope can clearly see the constant struggle. The body continually works like a horse to rebuild itself while life works to tear it down.

The mother birthing her child screams. Microorganisms fight each other, insects run from just about everything, fish run from other fish, mammals, birds, reptiles and lurking dangers of their environment. Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, marsupials and birds run from each other and of course humans. Plants get stepped on, beaten by sun, water, air, cold; they get eaten by a vast amount of life forms.

Conscious beings from animals to humans suffer not only from the continual assault upon the flesh, but also witnessing those they care for suffer. The more consciously aware a life form is, the greater the potential it has for suffering. This can breed compassion through the understanding that all life sufferers. It can give rise to tapping into higher levels of energy beyond the physical life and its low level connections where suffering does not dominate. However, to many people, it seems far more than not, they want nothing more than to spread their suffering to others in the lie that others do not suffer. They are selfish beyond description.

Certain amounts of suffering can strengthen us in highly dynamic ways. However, too much suffering can drag a life down, undermine its vitality and fill hope with holes. How much is too much depends upon the life form. But all life forms have a line that clearly divides suffering levels that can build and create very powerful responses and suffering that does little more than drain the life force away.

Suffering is the stain of life that touches all experiencing flesh. Some philosophies dedicate a life to fully accepting suffering as a major part of this reality and work to elevate the mind beyond the flesh, thus leaving suffering behind. This can take decades and decades to master and usually requires a person to be waited on hand a foot to take care of their needs of the flesh or the body would perish in the pursuit. For some this may be the purpose of their life, but for others would that style of life be truly living a life of flesh, or continually working to escape it? It is an answer everyone must answer for themselves and there is not right or wrong answer.

To me relationships and investing the highest amounts of energy into their elevation, refinement, depth and strength is one of the most important things we can do to make suffering more bearable in this world. Not escapism. But that is just my humble opinion and it does not mean it is correct for everyone.

People like to say that this life is about emotions, and it is. Some like to think this life is about gaining experience, and it is. But no matter where you look you will see the fact that a major part of this life is about suffering, from the microscopic level on up.

We all understand this on such a deep level that almost everything we do in life is in an attempt to alleviate suffering. Before you deny this, think on it…

Some of you might feel the desire to now comment on joy and happiness, love and peace to try compensating for the reality of this article’s content; try distracting from such a fact, but we cannot truly look around and deny its reality. There is no physical escape from it. Fighting against it only intensifies it. Accepting this reality can at least allow us to measure our physical aspirations with a more suitable gauge of physical existence. As I have said before, many people are fond of saying that anything is possible in this life. The fact is that stating such a comment is a lie.

We must all reconcile what underlies a hard truth of this world, no matter what our personal beliefs are, no matter how we were raised or taught; life shows us each and every moment what our physical presence entails if we but open our eyes to acceptance. It rather goes along with my article back in 2014 on Indifference & Humility.


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