Surprise Poem

May 19th, 2017 by

Surprise is one of those fun but crazy emotions. It only last a second or so but feels like it lasts a lifetime in a world or between worlds so surreal that nothing makes sense. During our span in that strange world we seem to spend the entire time scrambling to find some semblance of the familiar and the irony is that we only find it once the world of surprise is over and we have left it.

I tried to convey this through the following poem, but you will have to let me know if you think I succeeded or not.


Wandering eye waging as if suspended there on waving grass,

in a moment of time equally lost on meandering winds;

comes forth from the unseen place existing seemingly between worlds

to snag the pace of predictability and upholding an air of sass.

Places seen twixt with that unbeholden to known form

seize a shard of brain to dance as a jester cross bewildered souls,

entering the mind,  a thief of midnights noon sun stealing

precious jewels laced thereon an invisible strand of the norm.

Reality echoing shadows bright, tantalizing nerves till hair stands erect,

like miniature fields of rush, golden in fog cloaking razors edge

while blotting out comprehension which snakes to clutch,

gain control and lay a foundation from which to inspect.

The heart surprised as much as the bird caught napping,

wide are the eyes with an absence of crystals clarity in January’s morn,

as life plays its game, a mystery in a second, a flash of eternity

where a lifetime seems to occur in a boggling state overlapping.

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