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July 29th, 2016 by

Hey Wolf’s Den!

It had been a while. Below you will find some images broken loosely into categories from last weeks Survival Combat Camp that took place here in the Vermont Mountains. As I stated on the main websites brief article, it went terrificly!

Each day was broken into its own unique philosophy, technique, strategy, internal, external, mental, emotional and overall focuses; making each day dynamically different from other days in the training camp. For example, one day would focus on vehicle attacks from external people as well as attackers in the drivers seat and in the passengers seat, followed by combat water training, followed by downtown urban training. Another day focuses on open space maneuvers; open-hand, weapons, single and multiple attackers,  breathing techniques, how to take hits, how to work with internal energy and so on. 5 full days and each day was not only different, but within each day there were many sections with a wide variety of topics.

The days were long and filled from start to finish with hands on practice and experiences. We had hot sunny days and humid sticky days. One afternoon we were deep in the forest and a huge storm swept up. The winds roared in quickly turning all the leaves backward to flash silver everywhere. Thunder crashed and the rain fell in torrents. The temperature dropped about 15 degrees and later we found out that almost 20,000 people in the surround area had lost electricity and phone from the storm damage. So during that storm we just continued working all kinds of weapon disarmaments and usages; pistol, rifle, shotgun, knife, sword, short stick and many others.

The day in the mountain river for water combat started out with blistering sun, but as soon as we began entering the icy waters the clouds rolled over. Between turns in the water practicing water combat techniques students stood on shore wrapped in towels hopping around to warm up and some donned sweatshirts and heavy hats to conserve heat. The cold was part of the training. Anyone can work with loose muscles in warm easy water, but this is not always going to be reality…

One day while practicing accesses and take-downs a long haired gray cat wandered into the combat zone and laid down seeking our attention! We would shoo it away and it came right back meowing all the while. Another day a goat came wandering into the practice area looking for attention and company. Yes a goat 🙂 It was a very friendly goat from up the road who must have broke loose and spent some time with us before wander off again. And yet another day we had a rabbit hopping around us watching intently and staying near but not too near to get under foot. Oh and I almost forgot about the hummingbirds. A couple of days pairs of them could be seen chasing each other right in-between us while we were practicing. All of the sudden we would hear their trill and see their brilliant flashes of color speed before our eyes and they strategically sped between us during techniques. It all added to the experiences of the camp.

One student said, “The camp was the best ever, absolutely the best combat class I’ve ever had!” This is a student who had participated in other combat camps as well in systems like Israeli Krav Maga and Russian Systema.

(photos contain images of the students who gave their permission to allow photos to be shared publicly without the use of names)


Open Space Training

Forest Training (not too many photos here since it was pouring rain most of the afternoon)

Vehicle Training

Water Training (again, not many photos since everything and everyone was soaking wet)

Urban Training

Clothing Techniques (not too many photos here since everyone was rather wrapped up!)

Close-Quarter Shank, Restraints and Taser Practice (not too many images here)


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