Symbol Insanity

December 17th, 2016 by

We all see symbols around us in our lives, everyday. Though many of those symbols gain meaning to our consciousness for various reasons, some levels of symbol connection I deduct can be little more than insanity.

This time of year and in the spring truly show the colors of a seeming addiction to a symbol that to me makes no sense whatsoever. Sure the attraction and addiction to this symbol caries through the year for most who connect themselves to it, but the end of December and then again in early spring seem to be the strongest times of display. The cross.

The cross seems to be everywhere you find people. What is it? The answer is quite simple; the cross is an execution stake. The cross is a horror design by the human race to nail or tie people to and hang them up to suffer excruciatingly for hours or days until they die from shock, blood loss, dehydration or suffocation. That is all it is. That is the energy it holds and people adorn themselves with it. People display this implement of torture and execution fondly in jewelry, paintings, clothing designs, tattoos and patterns on all manner of crafts. They create them out of wood, metal, plastic and resin and stake them in the yards for all to see. This time of year you see them made out of colored lights to gleam in the night when you drive through towns or the countryside.

To me this addiction and openly fond and cult like display of this an execution tool is truly insanity. Why not create and wear jewelry or clothing imagery designed in the form of an electric chair or perhaps the gallows, a guillotine, gas chamber or lethal injection table? It’s all the same thing, a symbol of suffering, barbarism and execution. But many people slap it out there for all to see in some twisted form of worship. People carry this around with them and fill their homes with it. How is that not insanity?

Question symbols, what you think they mean to you, how they affect you and life around you and where they came from; who influenced you into connecting yourself to the symbol. I think it’s a true testament to the mentality of so much of the human race to see how people grab something like an execution stake, a cross to adorn their lives with.


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