Everything we touch, breathe, eat, absorb and interact with directly affects us. Every muscle fiber, fascia layer, blood cell and molecule in our bodies is one with all life. Many people do not stop to think about this. We are sponges and our environment helps create our bodies and minds. With the sheer amount of global pollution it truly is amazing that any of are still alive. This fact alone should show each of us how resilient the body can be. Now place this into a healing context and the potential is truly unlimited, so long as we have the proper amount of time.

Tea is a spirit in itself and every plant in which specific teas come from is a living being filled with vitality and its own unique gifts to the world. The world is filled with abundance if we are open to it from within our core. The very nature of tea is one of ancient healing and the maintenance of the body and mind. Many cultures held tea in great respect and consumed it with a deep sense of reverence because they understood its power. This is not only true for ancient Oriental cultures but also Siberian, Jungle, Native American and many Island cultures as well. This attraction for tea is global and has long ago brewed its way into many modern cultures. The spirit of the tea, the understanding of the tea energy however, has become something forgotten by many.

With the high speed movements of the technological world the nuances of life have been set aside as an inconvenience. People have misplaced the knowledge that it’s these very subtleties that rule the existence of this physical life. The slight breath of wind through autumn grasses and the gentle shift of the currents deep in the oceans dictate more than most modern people have any awareness of. The tiniest position of the sutures between the plates of the human skull can completely change our reality from emotion to thought, movement, balance, sense of well being and so on. These are but a few minute examples of how subtleties control our lives on this earth. Tea holds the essence of these things within its aroma, quality, brew method and time, season of harvest, time of day or night, age of plant and even down to how it is drunk and when. Tea can be used as a tool in order to enhance the abilities of mind, body, emotion and spirit. We only need to listen to the plant in which the tea comes from and hear our body’s reaction as it unites with the properties of the tea itself. Tea, mind, body, emotion and spirit become one with every sip.

I drink tea every day. My cast iron Japanese tetsubin is put to use daily, usually three times. It holds seven tea cups and that is around how much tea I drink on a daily basis. Everything from dandelion root, burdock root, sage leaf, dandelion leaf, mint, lemon balm leaf, pine needle, birch leaf or bark, plantain leaf, green or black tea, heal-all, skullcap leaf, chamomile flowers and many more are brewed in my tetsubin. They feed my body and spirit on multiple levels. With each sip I feel the plant spirit and pay close attention to the energy being consumed and becoming a part of my body on its way through the universe. Tea for me is part of a way of life, a daily ritual for the soul, a connection to the natural world I am part of.

Mass growing and harvest by large corporations and businesses depletes the very essence as well as nutrients and benefits from the tea. Continued education and the awareness of such essentials to what we are all in contact with in life we can only hope that the preciousness of old traditions will return. Even if it is in small pockets around the world, these small pockets would be some of those nuances that help support life and keep the conscious connection alive.


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