The Judging Lie

September 15th, 2015 by

This is something I have been speaking about and writing about for some years now, but I find it seems to be one of the most difficult concepts for many people to grasp and employ within their lives. The conditioning is so deeply ingrained in the brain and even DNA of bloodlines that it takes a death grip on people. In my opinion this death grip I see holding onto so many comes from the fear of the conditioning itself wanting to continue tricking people into thinking and believing it is actually real as opposed to the truth, the truth that it is just an illusion.

Here are two for examples of the many:

Judgment is an illusion, karma is an illusion that exists only within the conscious mind of people who believe all this that we see around us is actually “real” rather than a projected game imagery from our highest state of being within our Manetuwak. Judgment is nothing more than a made up rule for this physical illusionary game we are all playing. Good and bad are just illusionary rules concerning this illusionary game. Everything is neutral in the eyes of the Creator. There is no judgment in the eyes of the All. The Creator creates everything and good and bad are simply perspectives placed upon energies the human brain is conditioned to think are real in a physical existence that is not real in itself, but rather an illusion outside our true self, within our Manetuwak, that forces us to explore minute levels of the self through self imposed limits and therefore challenge.

The Manetuwak does not judge, does not sit around with a pencil and paper marking down “good” deeds and “bad” deeds and then deciding who gets rewarded and who gets punished like some Santa Claus. Only in our human conditioned limited brains does judgment exist and only as a made-up rule to try tricking us into thinking this is all “real”. If we think all this, this physical place is “real” then we also feel we need the rules like judgment to go with it. But judgment is nothing more than the illusion of power over another based upon the severely limiting rules placed upon ourselves within a severely limited game of “life”.

Judgment is just another way for the left brain to try invoking ultimate power over us through fear and thus control. “Do this or you will suffer dire consequences.” Do this or you will be punished beyond this life.” Nothing but control through fear and that is not the way of the ultimate Creator, the All. That is only the way of humans, and perhaps other species, in this physical illusion in order to control through the fear of the limitations existing within this game.

Karma is also a lie that exists only in the conditioned brain. Karma is really just another word for judgment. The only thing real about the idea of karma is that if you believe it you will punish yourself throughout your life here on earth. Nobody or nothing else will place it upon your eternal shoulders. And you as the highest aspect of yourself within your Manetuwak know this, but you here in the limited form of human consciousness are easily tricked. This trick is just one of many to present challenges to explore and learn from within the illusionary game of physical life.

You see, so long as you believe in judgment you will never be satisfied because you will never see complete judgment. You will always carry fear; fear of being judged if you break or bend conditioned rules. The belief in judgment will chain you to an iron ball of suffering that you will drag around with you until you realize it is an illusion made just for this game and does not exist outside this illusion or hologram as some like to call it. I find the people who like to balk at the idea are the unfortunate ones who still drag that ball and chain of suffering around and believe it is real. But each to their own.

Those of you who have read the Universal Law series and perhaps even partook in the detailed discussion might be saying, “Hello! You say there is no judgment so why is there even a need for universal laws?” This is a good question, but only if we are still locked into the idea that the ways of the universes is everything.

The universe and every other universe we could possibly imagine are still all just part of the miniscule physical reality illusion. They are a tiny speck in all of creation, in the vastness of non-physical reality where the Manetuwak’s dwell. The physical universe is structured upon the same limiting factors in the same illusion we are all part of in this physical conscious awareness. The illusion of separation from the highest aspect of our self within our Manetuwak and the Creator itself, the universe is laid out in the same great trick.

Therefore the Universal Laws are simple laws that the physical universe follows in order for the physical illusion to run within its great complexity so it does not collapse upon itself. They are not laws that bind the totality of existence and the true reality of the highest level of ourselves in our Manetuwak’s.

The more we understand things like universal laws, the more we can come to understand the structure of this illusion and the greater chance we have of creating experiences we desire, rather than giving away all our power to others to create for us. But it is important not to forget this is an illusion and even though we are wrapped up here in this conscious illusion, everything is actually neutral and judgment/karma is only conditioning of the physical brain for the purpose of fear control.


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